Releasing Separation

Releasing Separation

How to Get Along with Each Other

The polarizing political environment is waking up more people to the realization that it’s time we decide to get along with each other. Our prejudices and biases are coming to the surface to be addressed from the intelligence of the heart. The heart reveals our common humanity and can see new opportunities for creativity in diversity if we embrace it. It’s time for inclusive care, respect, and cooperation to be practiced past the limitations of our personal viewpoints and preferences. This can change the course of many unfavorable events in our personal and collective lives.

Our heart’s intelligent guidance can help clear our biases that block our tolerance for each other’s differences. Most of us feel a desire for more harmonious and cooperative interactions, but we have to step into it with our heart’s intention to release habits of separation. It is possible to integrate care, kindness, and compassionate latitude into our daily interactions yet allow for our differences without creating separation. We’ve tried everything else to get along with each other except using our heart’s intuitive guidance and care. More people are realizing this is the missing piece in our interactions and in our quest for solutions.

We can each make a conscious practice to release our habits of separation. It’s beneficial to ask your heart where you’re being too judgmental with people or keeping them at arm’s length with separation or bias. This could be an individual, group, religion, race, etc. Practice sending or radiating from your heart the feelings of acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness to help release separation and judgment. Radiating these heart feelings has a cumulative effect that can facilitate families, workplaces, and communities to open their hearts more and listen respectfully to each other’s views.

It’s getting more obvious that the more we shut off our hearts to each other, the worse a situation gets. We’ve seen this in families, personal relationships, and between nations. Life is calling (shouting) for a change. The effectiveness of collective heart power is still in its early stages—yet it’s on the rise due to the increase of stress, anxiety and depression, and a desperate need for solutions that the mind, without the heart, can’t deliver. As the heart, mind, and emotions resonate in coherent alignment, this allows more spirit and heart energy to move through individual and collective intentions. From there, co-creative solutions have a chance to emerge. Let’s start with our own care and compassion to make things better.

Releasing Separation: A Heart Meditation

  1. Center yourself in the heart, and breathe appreciation to warm your heart and increase your focus.
  2. Connect with your heart’s intention to create more feelings of acceptance, compassion, and care in your interactions with others and within yourself.
  3. Consciously practice these feelings and attitudes for a week or so, and they will increasingly become automatic at times. This can progressively increase your emotional stability and resilience. It can also do much for preventing and decreasing stress accumulation.
  4. Let’s visualize our collective heart energy helping to stabilize chaotic emotional energies that feed separations and biases within individuals and leaders and block effective solutions that are best for the whole.
  5. Now envision enough people opening their hearts and setting aside their differences to create a more heart-based world. As hearts open more, there is a natural inner prompting to create ways to get along with each other, cooperate, and co-create solutions for the benefit of all. That’s who we are at the core.
  6. Let’s close by radiating our compassionate care to all who are suffering hardships during the present global challenges.

Adapted with permission. Originally published by the HeartMath Institute for the Global Coherence Initiative Care Focus.