Emotional intelligence makes for positive workplace

A recent study from the University of Haifa has shown that private sector employees with a high level of emotional intelligence tend to have more positive attitudes toward their workplace and are less likely to engage in negative behavior.

The study may suggest that employee wellness programs that build a worker’s ability to identify and assess their own emotions as well as those of their coworkers’ could help ease workplace stress and potentially improve employee performance.

Employees who were more in touch with their emotions showed an increased perception of fairness in their organization, commitment to their company and satisfaction at work. These workers were also less prone to burnout, shirking and engaging in forceful influence tactics.

The study showed the presence of emotional intelligence was not as likely to positively influence workers in the public sector, however.

According to an article on the Employee Wellness Programs’ website, tools and activities to help promote or improve emotional intelligence include health coaching, self-help groups, writing in a journal, an assessment of one’s emotional health and the presence of a support system at work.

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