Making Choices From the Heart

Have you ever been faced with having to make a choice that seemed to send your mind into an endless thinking marathon? Or maybe you felt completely frozen inside, unable to discern which in the mix of triggered emotions you should focus on first. Choices are something we’re all faced with and they’re constantly either creating or disrupting our peace, happiness and self-security.

Should I relocate and take the job offer? Which medical treatment will be best for my health condition? Choices can set into motion understandable fears, anxieties and insecurities. The mind and emotions can be overstretched when we have to make difficult decisions, often very quickly! These feelings of overwhelm can make it even harder to access the clarity we need in order to feel solid about our choices and decisions.

In the new book Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart, co-author Doc Childre explains;

“Rushed, impatient energy diffuses our capacity for favorable outcomes when we’re involved in sensitive discernments regarding choices. When we push energy, this cancels the experience of flow and creates hiccups in our intentions. Patience and ease actually create the energetic environment for flow to take place in our communications, choice selections and actions. It’s our mind that tends to rush energy; our heart chooses balance, rhythm and flow. When cooperating together they increase outcomes that fit the need of the situation.”

Enlisting the mind and heart partnership when making decisions can make the process less confusing and less taxing mentally and emotionally. The book, Heart Intelligence explains further how the mind/heart partnership works and offers suggestions and exercises that can help cultivate this connection.

We’re living in a time when the world is changing rapidly. There are more life complexities than we’ve known before and it can feel as though everything is moving faster. Developing the mind/heart partnership combines our best decision-making assets and allows us to clear a space where we can view our choices with more clarity and heart discernment.

With Care,
Your Friends at HeartMath