2 Steps to Neutralize Emotional Reactions

Wouldn’t it be great if we had an emotion neutralizer that could instantly zap out feelings of anger, irritation and frustration whenever they pop up?

Irritations and annoyances are part of life yet they can contribute to chronic low-grade stress draining away our personal energy and resilience.

If ever there was a secret to neutralizing strong emotions this would be it.

#1 Build Tolerance and Patience.

The emWave2® and Inner Balance™ mobile technologies help us to increase our emotional tolerance and patience. When we are more balanced we’re less likely to react in the first place. These technologies work well to help us increase our resilience reserve so irritants are less likely to cause a reaction. They can also help us return to balance when we do have a reaction that is harder to shake off.

These devices work by providing personalized visual feedback combined with the Quick Coherence® Technique for emotional-refocusing. As we follow the steps of this technique combined with the real-time feedback we learn to create what is called heart-coherence, a psychophysiological state where your mind, emotions and body become more balanced. This method allows us to see, feel and confirm when an emotional shift happens. This takes all the guessing out of it and adds a solid sense of understanding and accomplishment.

#2 Use the Notice and Ease™ tool from HeartMath.

Practice being an observer of your inner responses

Between your emWave2 or Inner Balance practice sessions use this simple Notice and Ease tool to become more attentive to the moment. It can also help to take the intensity out of emotions like irritation, frustration or worry.

  1. Notice and admit what you’re feeling.
  2. Try to name the feeling.
  3. Tell yourself to E-A-S-E as you gently focus in the heart, relax as you breath and e-a-s-e the stress out.
  4. Combining these two approaches can help you to make significant strides in reducing emotional reactions and increasing personal energy. Take your next step to increasing your resilience.