What I’ve learned from my life changing accident

Six years ago I was a busy professional working to build a growing business in the midwest.  I enjoyed working with my clients and had a great family and social life.  However, I was not dealing with everyday stress and at times was not sleeping well.  During an episode of driving tired I fell asleep at the wheel, cartwheeling my car several times.  Fortunately, I was driving alone and did not hit or injure anyone else.  The accident resulted in a closed head or diffused axonal injury followed by several years of rehabilitation.

While my brain was healing and rewiring itself I experienced a high level of anxiety which was treated with several medications ranging from tranquilizers to anti-depressants and for a short period an anti-psychotic.  I had worked hard to regain what I had lost in memory and some functional areas.  The anxiety, however, was creating a barrier to which I could not break.  I would spend days in bed and weeks not leaving my home.  Naturally a gregarious person, I was very sad and was losing hope that I would get better.  Having exhausted my savings on standard protocol treatment and rehabilitation I was at a loss where to turn next.

A family member suggested that I call the Veterans Administration to see if I could meet with their doctors.  I was introduced to a world-class team of medical professionals including top notch occupational therapist who recommended using the HeartMath Quick Coherence®  breathing techniques and the emWave® system to help with my anxiety.  We began with breathing exercises and meditation then advanced to the emWave.  I was also reading and reflecting on the Transforming Stress book by Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman.  Although having a clear understanding of the origin of my condition I was gaining tools to deflect and cope with the resulting effects.  Within days I was feeling better and within weeks I was able to sleep a full night and wake refreshed, something that I had not experienced in many years.  During one of our sessions I was able to complete a task I had been struggling with for 5 years.  Slowing I began to take back my life and eventually titrated myself off all medications and have since not needed to take anything beyond a vitamin.

Each morning I wake to use the emWave program for 15 minutes.  I find it important to focus only on the session and at times use the visualization tool to guide me toward a healthy variability in heartbeats, coherence and peace of mind.  I also use the emWave PSR before I sleep and at times during the day especially when I feel a wave of stress or anxiety.  Since my affect in working with others was off for some time I was quite self-conscious about speaking both socially and professionally.  To help overcome my fear and gain confidence I use both breathing through my heart and the Freeze-Frame®  technique to slow down my thought process and now speak with clarity and confidence.

I am truly blessed having such caring and gifted people help me through what has previously appeared impossible.  Thank you HeartMath for being part of my team. – Anonymous

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