The Struggle Is Real!

These five suggestions will help you use the summer wisely so you can re-balance and recharge!


Taking a vacation? Make a “family & friends unplugged” agreement.

Each person promises to only do one or two brief check-ins for urgent work issues that cannot wait. Commit to honesty and be selective about when you really must engage in your routine stuff versus truly unplugging.


Be conscious of letting the small stuff go.

Resist spending time worrying about uncontrollable things; be in the moment so you can enjoy more of your time off.


Give yourself permission to go with the flow.

Many times the most fun experiences we have come from being completely spontaneous. Try letting go of lists and plans.


Remember to include quieter activities to help you reset your balance.

Leisurely walks in the morning or evenings, sitting and listening to the sounds of nature, taking afternoon naps or catching a sunset can all be soothing ways to recharge the body, mind and spirit.


Practice managing stress when you’re not stressed.

After all, practicing when things are quieter builds resilience so it is easier to practice when there’s an actual challenge. Add the Inner Balance™ technology to your tablet or phone or pack your emWave2® device. Use some of your down time to practice centering yourself. Both technologies teach you a specialized 2-step technique and provide real-time feedback so you can retrain your mind body reaction to stress. Learning this while you’re less distracted will help you establish a new response that you can carry with you for when things get more hectic.