Foundation urges organizations to offer wellness incentives

Research has indicated that employee wellness programs are growing in prevalence, as companies begin to see the value of improving staff health in an effort to reduce workplace stress, strengthen employee performance and cut down on employee health benefit costs.

Scientists at the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) are now saying that offering incentives may help increase the number of workers who participate in wellness programs, thereby strengthening the initiatives’ efficacy.

Authors of the study noted that about $2.5 trillion is spent each year on healthcare in the U.S.

“As much as 75 percent of that is spent on preventable conditions, so the potential savings through preventative healthcare measures that include workplace wellness programs could be as high as $1.9 trillion per year,” said Rodger Stotz, IRF’s chief research officer.

Additionally, the foundation reported that businesses with initiatives in place are likely to see improved employee performance and staff quality of life.

The scientists said that organizations that do not offer incentives to workers for engaging in wellness programs have an estimated 20 percent participation rate. Conversely, those that do offer rewards boast an 80 percent rate of participation.

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