Benefits of a Vacation

Ahhh, vacation time! While this might be how you’re feeling, not everyone feels this way. Many people are skipping vacations though a vacation might be the best thing for heart, mind and body health.

While scrapping vacation time might seem easier than all the preparation, research suggests it can put unnecessary strain on our health.

Giving ourselves permission to slow down and make time to practice self-care is vital to the mind, body and spirit. Vacations allow us to replenish our personal energy, they allow for some inner-reflection, and it’s an opportunity to nurture our heart connections with family and friends. Vacation time can help us increase our overall wellness.

Mind/Body Benefits of Vacation

1. Making time for family and friends strengthens connections and helps to nourish our mental and emotional health.

2. Allowing for casual downtime gives our mind and body time to rest.

3. Temporarily ditching our routine allows our adventurous side to step out and explore.

4. A change in scenery can usher in a fresh energy and perspective about life.

5. Vacations allow us to be outside more and enjoy nature – revitalizing our sense of wonder.

6. Stepping away from work and routines can often inspire ideas, solutions and new ways of handling complex situations.

If you’re ready to make this summer a season for reclaiming your self-care and balance, the next step is to look at how you can use your time wisely so you don’t end up needing to recuperate from a vacation. Stay tune for more fun vacation stories and tips…..