A Most Memorable Adventure

Traveling can be stressful—find out how Howard dealt with some challenging situations while on a business trip. In forty hours he had been in two different countries, met many new people, delivered a program, had four amazing meetings, experienced new fellowship — and had a most memorable adventure.

“On a business trip in Europe I woke up early in Stockholm feeling good and I headed to a conference center to deliver an all-day program to Swedish business leaders. Back at my hotel, I planned to go straight to bed, so I’d be well rested for the next day. As the hours rolled by I laid wide-awake knowing I had to leave at 5:00 am to go to the next city. As worry tried to creep in I kept going to a gentle feeling to make peace with the situation.

Having not slept a wink, I got up in the darkness and headed to the airport to board a plane for Paris. Once there, I took a train into the city and rushed into a business meeting, then caught a cab ride to another meeting, then another, then another. At times my mind and body felt exhausted and left me doubting if I could pull this trip off. I knew I had to stop any self-sabotaging thoughts. I decided I needed to use the small windows of time between meetings to create and sustain a positive, productive attitude.

I used Attitude Breathing, a technique developed here at HeartMath. Choosing an attitude of appreciation for this amazing business trip, I soon started to rise above the weariness. I knew with my intense schedule and all the meetings I had planned, my attitude would be key to handling this trip. Every time I really centered my focus around the feeling of appreciation I noticed my energy level felt better.

As the day was winding down, my business partner said we were going to a special restaurant to meet an old friend of his. I told him I could not do it, I had to have sleep. I felt in his response how important this was to him. I decided again to shift my attitude and made the commitment to support him. As soon as my heart and mind were aligned with the decision to go, my body responded and again I felt the energy I needed was there almost instantly. We had an amazing dinner and I felt good about how I had handled the day and how I rose to the occasion meeting challenges with a positive attitude.

By this time I was so ready to go to my hotel, check in and just sleep, however my friend now wanted to take me to a special place, it was a surprise he said. I politely declined, perhaps another time I told him. He looked at me and in his Parisian accent said “When opportunity comes you must take it.” We got in his car and whisked across Paris as he drove me to this mystery location. We parked at the bottom of a very long, steep stone stairway. Forty hours without sleep, my body was feeling heavy and my head felt foggy.

We got to the top and wow — I stood there in awe, it was magnificent – it was Cathedral Montmartre which sits at the highest point in Paris and overlooks the entire city. I felt reverent and humble as I look out across all of Paris at night. I will never forget that feeling and I am still grateful that I followed my heart and not my tiredness – and that I took my friend’s advice to seize the moment and opportunity.

Howard in hotel roomFinally, at my hotel, I reflected on this wild marathon I was just on. In forty hours I had been in two different countries, met many new people, delivered a program, had four amazing meetings, experienced new fellowship — and I had a most memorable adventure. The Attitude Breathing® technique really helped me through what turned out to be an exceptional time.”

Howard Martin

The Attitude Breathing Tool

The Attitude Breathing tool is designed to help you shift out of a negative emotional state into a positive one. You learn to clear and replace negative attitudes right in the midst of stress or anxiety to gain a more intelligent perspective.

Unwanted attitude

Step 1: Recognize an unwanted attitude.

A feeling or attitude you want to change. This could be over care, anxiety, self-judgment, guilt, anger, anything.



Replacement attitude

Step 2: Identify and breathe a replacement attitude.

Select a positive attitude, then breathe the feeling (examples: calm, ease, peace, compassion) of that new attitude slowly and casually through your heart area. Do this for a while to anchor the new feeling.

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