Taking It In Segments

New Year’s Resolutions often come from our good intentions to better care for our self. Yet making behavior changes isn’t always easy. Even though we may know this, we often set goals that are hard to keep and then if we don’t reach it we get down on our self. No wonder it’s not a very effective process for so many of us.

What if we approach our resolutions and change one DAY at a time instead? We’re suggesting taking things in segments. This can really help prevent the feelings of overwhelm – and the self-bullying we tend to do when we think we won’t ever make our goal.

Using a segment approach allows us to be more present with each step we take towards a bigger goal, which makes for a more successful, lasting commitment.

This year consider the segment approach. Start by tuning into your heart for what change would most benefit you. You can do a heart focus exercise to quiet the mind and get the clarity needed. The Quick Coherence® technique works well for this.

Let’s say you want to create change towards being healthier. Identify the key steps you’ll need to take to reach that goal. For example, I can exercise more often, I can eat more fresh food, and I can get more rest.

Now, take it in segments. Try to do just one of these steps daily until you’ve integrated it into your routine. Once you’ve established a routine with that particular segment, add one more step into the process and so on. Stay present with each segment instead of projecting ahead and worrying about the future.

Some days may be better than others. If we have an off day, remember it is okay – that’s part of the process. Let’s be kind to our self and appreciate the brand-new day ahead of us – and see it as a fresh start.

Working on our resolutions in segments allows us to get better traction towards our goal while celebrating smaller victories along the way!

Wishing all of you a very happy and healthy new year!
Your Friends at HeartMath

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