Police officers fight more than crime

Each day, law enforcement officers risk their lives and cope with the trauma of having co-workers killed or injured in the line of duty. As a result, police are in a constant battle with workplace stress.

International News Magazine recently published an article by John Theobald, a police officer who went on to get his graduate degree and help others in his field deal with the stressors of being in the law enforcement field.

“At that time it was becoming increasingly clear that the stress factor in police work was manifesting in high rates of divorce, alcohol abuse, suicides and other acting-out behaviors. Having experienced it firsthand, I was determined to seek some method that could help ameliorate this situation,” Theobald said.

The former officer helped officers in 10 metropolitan areas learn how to relieve their stress through holistic, non-medicinal means.

According to HeavyBadge.com, officers also deal with workplace stress as a result of demanding shifts and a negative public perception.

This suggests that employee wellness programs aimed at stress management may be needed in many police departments in order to help officers cope with their anxiety.

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