Keeping Warm this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year – the holidays are here; there’s a chill in the air and for many a warmth in our hearts. Most would agree there is a special energy that the holidays bring – it gives a lift in spirit. During this time of year a lot of us are naturally inclined to feel more generous. We may feel an even stronger desire to help lighten someone else’s load or to express our care and kindness more readily.

This special season has a way of increasing the family feeling around the world as billions of people celebrate their holiday traditions.

We open our hearts to our family, friends, co-workers and neighbors, and even to those we don’t know. We share expressions of the heart more openly.

Because this season can add an emotional brightness for most of us, it is also a great time to build on these feelings and gestures of the heart.

One way we can do this is when we meditate, pray or do a heart focused (coherence) session we can hold an intention of increasing our heart warmth and appreciation. As we focus on what we appreciate in our life, and feel the warmth in our heart building, we can imagine that this energy is going out to everyone around the world. Let’s especially send it to those who are struggling, lonely or going through tougher times.

Another way we can direct this added heart warmth is to start our day by holding it in our heart focus and carry it with us throughout the day and share it with others.

Let’s use this time of year to enjoy the added heart of the season. Together let’s build on it and see it connecting with millions of people around the world.

Our Warmest Holiday Wishes,
Your Friends at HeartMath