Experts offer tips during Stress Awareness Month

On the Huffington Post’s Living blog, author and stress-management expert Carol J. Scott offered some tips and techniques to help individuals bounce back from stress.

Scott cited a recent study which suggests that managing anxiety may lead to better outcomes following prostate surgery. She said that extensive research supports the idea that a positive attitude can lead to faster recovery from medical operations.

The expert said that the road to a calm mind is strategic, and that one must take into consideration emotional, physical, psychological, behavioral and biological aspects to achieve balance.

The Texas Medical Association (TMA) reported that stressed individuals should keep their problems in perspective and not view them as being insurmountable. Additionally, the organization reminded people that challenges are a part of life. Individuals always have the ability to make decisions to remove themselves from intolerable sources of stress, according to the TMA.

Employers concerned about stress during April, which is marked as Stress Awareness Month, may want to consider employee wellness programs, such as Revitalize You! by Heart Math. The program integrates e-learning with a personal stress relieving device called the emWave.

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