A full inbox may exacerbate stress in the workplace

Employees and supervisors alike have a tendency to be distracted or stressed out due to excessive or poorly worded emails from coworkers, according to a recent article on DynamicBusiness.com.

Electronic communication has become so prevalent in the modern workplace – and use has been accelerated even more by the ubiquitous Blackberry and iPhone – that it has become the first mode that individuals turn to when they have a problem or query.

Paradoxically, the more emails we get, the more we ignore and information ends up getting lost in translation.

“Poorly worded emails, along with the expectation that the receiver responds immediately, are causes of increased workplace stress. This situation has led to email being named the third major reason for workplace stress, behind organizational change and competing deadlines,” said Greg Crowther, a supervisor at Australia-based consulting firm Callidus Partners, quoted by the source.

People-Communicating.com recommends keeping emails succinct, and saving more in-depth questions or issues until there is a chance to speak in person. Also, try not to get carried away by copying every relevant person on an email, include only those who are absolutely necessary. Finally, the website recommends proofreading communication before hitting send to avoid typos or superfluous information.

Employee wellness programs that include resources for stress management may also be a useful distraction for workers who become overwhelmed by their inboxes.

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