Practical Intuition – More than Just a Hunch

Intuition was once considered a mysterious gift bestowed on only a few. More recently, scientists are recognizing it as a skill that anyone can develop.

Most of us have had some experience with what we call a hunch, a heart feeling, gut feeling or just a sense of “inner knowing” in making decisions in business, or having a strong sense about something with our children or someone we care about, or even in everyday activities like an inner prompting to drive defensively.

At the center of this intuitive ability is the human heart. Once thought to be no more than a pump, the heart is now being recognized as a sophisticated intelligence whose power is only beginning to be scientifically understood.

Surprising new research is showing that the human heart is involved in accessing what is called non-local intuition. This research reveals that the heart receives intuitive information before the brain by a second or slightly more, according to published research conducted by the HeartMath Institute.

This unconscious perception can be seen in subtle changes in our emotions and body. For example, changes in our heart’s rhythm can occur with an intuitive feeling.

While the degree of access to the heart’s intuition varies from person to person, we all have access to it – and this intelligence can be cultivated.

Practical intuition is something we can use daily for moment-to-moment choices and decisions in life; in helping increase our sensitivity and care towards others – and in deepening our connections with ourselves and those we care about.

Researchers have found a significant relationship between increased heart rhythm coherence and becoming more sensitive to our intuitive signals. As we slow down our minds and attune to our deeper heart feelings, our natural intuitive connection begins to flow.

Listening to our intuitive signals unfolds more understanding of ourselves, others, and issues in life. This practical intuition is something we can access daily for making more effective choices and decisions.
  • Mary Oakley

    when I was young I use to get a feeling I knew when I was going to be in Trouble I would get this feeling inside me Yes it always did come true I can remember times when I would get a feeling that something was going/or has happened not that I knew it at the time One time really stands out Was coming back for Mountains in B.C. to Vancouver where I live I had a Great feeling I went through all the name in my family names in my mind mostly to my Father, Brothers all the way home I felt is was one of them!!! and when I got home my renter to me to call home to Nova Scotia oh my the feeling got so GREAT !! I called and it was my Father who had Passed Away Oh my I so close to my Father !! There has been so many other times Like when I lived in Nova Scotia. I would drive to see my Brother and listen to tunes and cry oh for about 6 months or more in June 19 1999 i got a call that my only Child was killed I can not say what this has done to me She was only 26 !!! I have had more time with these Feeling I felt them in my Heart, hand,arms, legs I just knew that something was going to happen and there has been times that I would take someones hand and they would look at me and say oh you are a healer or have some one come to me to rub their head or take their hand ( because it would take away their pain if only I could get my pain to go away)

    • Edna Washington

      Hello Mary,

      Your story is very interesting. I sometimes also have feelings like yours. I can tell you that intuition is a powerful thing. I can only suggest that if you have a relationship with the Lord that you give the pain that you are experiencing to him. Sometimes we can take on the pains in the lives of others, and make them our own. I can definitely tell you from experience that only the Lord can take away the pain that you are feeling. Please don’t let these issues of life get the best of you. Enjoy your life, and use the intuition as a time of preparing yourself to be able to encourage yourself, and the people affected by what you know in advance of it happening. My prayer is that you will soon be at peace, and that the pain goes away. Blessings! ! !

      • Mary Oakley

        Thank You for your Kind Thoughts I am 66 and live sure has been a hard one indeed Mother Kicked me and my Brothers out when I was 8 My older Brother drove us to Nova Scotia from Ontario in winter He was only 15 at the time I could go on and on the nightmare of my life But some how I keep my Heart open even when it was kicked and walked on and to this day am still treat badly (Have no idea why I am trying you this kind of stuff and this is just a few things in my life) Must be looking for some one to talk with Was going to write a book or find a writer to help me with one But who in the world wants to hear all this Shi- from someones life now days so many other have nightmare far worst then mine At one time in my life I would go to schools/meets and tell others about my life to try and help them This was short lived for I was being taken and used at that time too Strange how life goes trying to help others when I could not help myself just saying this I see I still have not Helped myself that much ( as I say Keep On Trying Mary) Thank You again for your kind words Be Safe Out there

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