Study reveals most caffeine-dependent professionals

Research from Duke University Medical Center has suggested that workers who rely on coffee or other caffeinated beverages may be exacerbating  workplace stress  with their choice of drink. The study revealed that caffeine’s effects can last throughout the day and intensify the physiological effects of anxiety.

A recent study by CareerBuilder reports that many professionals say they “need” coffee just to get through the day, and some fields appear to have a worse dependency than others.

According to the survey, lab technicians, scientists, marketing professionals, administrators in education, writers and editors reported the most significant need for coffee to carry out their daily responsibilities.

Additionally, about 61 percent of coffee drinkers reported consuming two cups per day, while 28 percent said they drink at least three.

Results of this study suggest that people in these professions may be in need of employee wellness programs that provide tools and techniques to reduce workplace stress in a healthy way. Research has shown that physical and mental wellness can influence optimal employee performance, without the use of stimulants.