Students may benefit from HeartMath technology

High school and college students today may be experiencing five times the levels of stress and depression of their counterparts who were in school during the Great Depression, according to the Associated Press.

An article reported on the findings of a survey called the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, which followed secondary and university students from 1938 to present day and recoded assessments of their psychological states.

The research revealed that about 31 percent of modern students experience anxiety and unrealistic optimism when it comes to school, compared to just 5 percent of their 1938 counterparts. Additionally, the study showed that rates of depression in students today is about 6 percent, compared to 1 percent seven decades ago.

“The next question is: What do we do about it?” asked lead author Jean Twenge, a San Diego State University psychology professor, quoted by the news source.

According to, stress management often entails addressing both mental and physical factors from a holistic approach. This may include taking a walk, setting aside some alone time or talking with a friend.
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