Smoking cigarettes is sometimes a response to stress

A recent Gallup poll reveals that smokers, now more than ever, agree that the habit is “very harmful” to their health, suggesting that many may have a desire to stop their life-threatening habit but don’t know how.

About two thirds of smokers surveyed admitted that they are putting themselves at risk of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The Cleveland Clinic reports that many people smoke because they believe that it helps relieve stress. While having a cigarette may temporarily alleviate tension, it’s doing the opposite in the long run.

“Blood pressure rises, heart rate increases, muscles become tense, blood vessels constrict, and less oxygen is available to the brain and body to facilitate healthy coping. In short, smoking increases the stress level on the body,” the health source reported on its website.

Additionally, the Cleveland Clinic recommends beginning a cessation program right away to curb the harmful effects of tobacco smoke, and that waiting for a “stress-free” time in life is not a viable option.

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