Job burnout manifests itself in several ways

Today’s workplace imposes higher demands on employees without necessarily giving them adequate rewards, which may lead to a condition known as job burnout.

The signs that an employee is reaching his or her breaking point are outlined on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website.

When workers find themselves lagging behind or constantly putting off tasks, it may be a sign that they have lost interest in their job and are close to burnout, according to the news source.

Taking any excuse to call in late or sick may indicate that something is seriously awry, along with constant negative feelings about the workplace.

Feeling cynical and overreacting to small conflicts or obstacles may signal that a worker is feeling resentful about office operations.

The website states that employees who no longer take part in office activities or engage with their coworkers may be close to burnout. This is also a sign of depression – which is the final and most detrimental sign of job burnout.

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