Getting to the root of workplace stress

It’s no secret that anxiety in the office or work environment can have a detrimental effect on productivity and employee satisfaction, sometimes leading to turnover or poor staff health.

An article in The Daily West Metro News reports that managers should recognize the factors that lie at the root of workplace stress in order to cultivate a climate of healthy, productive workers.

For example, employees should have clearly defined expectations and responsibilities. This may include a document that lists the duties that a worker is supposed to perform, which can be especially helpful if a position has a tendency to change.

Additionally, managers should have realistic expectations of what their staff can achieve, as well as provide the tools and resources necessary to accomplish their tasks.

According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, employee wellness programs should be implemented logistically, in a way that is specific to workplace issues and tailored to a businesses organization. This may include delineating staff responsibilities to carry out a wellness program, so that the initiative doesn’t become a source of workplace stress, rather than a remedy to the problem.

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