Everyday tiredness may progress to serious health problems

A researcher at the University of Alberta (UA) has warned that individuals should take fatigue seriously, as it has the potential to lead to delirium, withdrawal from society and sleep disorders.

Karin Olson, professor of nursing at UA, has studied the effects of fatigue in employees, athletes, cancer patients and individuals with mental disorders, and says that there are three stages of sleep-deprivation.

The first is simple tiredness, which may cause forgetfulness or irritability but can typically be alleviated with more sleep. The second step is fatigue, which includes hindered concentration, increased stress, a decrease in stamina and sensitivity to light.

The third phase – which should be avoided – is exhaustion. This condition leads to severe confusion, a numbness to emotions, sleep disorders and social withdrawal.

“The onset of the manifestations of fatigue, particularly if these are not normal states for you, should be taken seriously,” Olson said.

Results of the study suggest that employees who display symptoms of tiredness should act sooner than later to treat their condition and prevent further complications. Employee wellness programs that include tools and resources for healthy sleep habits may effectively reduce workplace stress and strengthen employee performance.

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