Certain personality types contribute to workplace stress

A Santa Clara University psychology professor said that supervisors and co-workers who are narcissistic, aggressive, rigid or impaired present obstacles for other staff members, but there are effective ways of dealing with these types of people.

Narcissistic people are easily offended, so try not to criticize them when it isn’t your place to do so, said Professor Katerina Bezrukova. If the self-centered individual is a co-worker, just sit back and focus on your own work, making sure to document what you do.

When dealing with aggressive types, it may be best to stay out of their way and avoid unnecessary confrontation. Try to find a constructive way to show them that acting hysteric during conflicts does nothing to solve the problem, Bezrukova added.

Individuals who are rigid do not like to change their ways. However, a little reverse psychology may make them think that your ideas are actually theirs, making them more open to accepting new methods.

People who are impaired – whether it be due to attention disorders, depression, burnout or substance abuse – may require professional help or intervention by an employer, the expert further stated.

Besrukova’s advice to reduce workplace stress and improve working relationships may be especially effective when supplemented with employee wellness programs to manage stress and anger.

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