Certain personality traits may intensify workplace stress

Tension and anxiety in the office are difficult enough to reduce without staff members’ and managers’ negative attitudes. Every workplace has one of these individuals, who take a bad situation and makes it worse.

The Seattle Times recently reported that there are ways to identify people who tend to suck the positivity out of a room.

First, they often dwell on bad news, according to the news source. Moreover, it can be difficult to cheer them up with solutions or motivational words.

Additionally, problems tend to snowball for these individuals, becoming insurmountable issues that another person may have nipped in the bud, according to the Times.

An article in Psych Central reports that stress and personality are inextricably linked to how a situation is handled. For instance, when confronted with an issue, the person who tells themselves that it is manageable is much more likely to succeed in solving the problem than the worker who has an intense negative reaction.

While it may not be a viable option to let go of these workers, they may be helped with employee wellness programs that provide tools and resources for stress management. Such initiatives have been shown to reduce workplace stress as well as improve employee performance.

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