Care Focus: Caring for Self; Caring for the World

Helping the World 

As we pause at times during the day to radiate our heart’s care and compassion to all the people suffering in Gaza and Israel and in the Russia-Ukraine war, we can wonder how much of a difference are we making and how else can we help the world. You’re not alone if you feel discouraged at times. With all the intensities going on, one after another, it can look like the world is falling into disarray. It’s important that we remember there’s a Shift happening on the planet. Old repressed energies have to come to the surface to release, or there wouldn’t be a Shift. It’s clearing the old to make room for the new.

An indication of the new is the wonderful momentum happening on the planet, with more and more people around the globe reporting that they are just tired of the separateness, the resentments, and of people, cultures, and countries not getting along with each other. Particularly among younger generations, there is a growing feeling of “enough is enough” and wanting to help the world by doing something different. Instead of waiting for governments or political parties to change, they realize they are the ones who have to create the change.

There is a heart-directed momentum developing in the midst of the wars and climate crises. More people are wanting to reduce the judgments and separation they have with each other. More people are practicing heart qualities — being kinder and having more compassionate care. It’s in the air. It’s a kindness and compassion movement across the planet and in different religions — a universal feeling that opening our hearts to each other is the one thing in the collective that hasn’t been tried yet. By allowing our hearts to lead, we can transform our care into actions that serve the whole. 

Caring for Self; Caring for the World 

The easiest way to both lift our spirit and help the world is to step up our outgoing care. As we focus on altruistically helping others, this helps to untie our internal knots and clear our energies to see new possibilities and feel reassurance. Sending heart energy and compassion to others helps connect us with intuitive heart feelings that can guide our direction, choices, and the best ways to turn our love and care into action. Here are a few examples: 

  1. A good start is having more care, compassion, and respect in our conversations. 
  1. When we think of the wars going on and problem areas in the world, we can radiate love, care, and compassion to the leaders making decisions and to the people affected. Radiating love into the field environment helps to dissipate clouds of density — making the Shift easier than it could be for humanity. 
  1. This holiday time can be extra stressful for many, so let’s remember to be kinder, less judgmental, and have more compassionate care. 

Putting care into action is called practical spirituality to create a better world — a world enriched with compassion and connection rather than separation. Practical spirituality involves consciously interacting with more love, care, and kindness. Practicing compassionate latitude helps to reduce our judgments and frustrations by realizing most everyone is going through challenges or brain fog that can distort our reasoning and choices. It’s especially helpful to open our hearts with compassion and respect for people who hold different views from us so we can learn to get along. Many people see this as a major missing piece for helping the world.

One of the most effective acts of service we can do is increase the heart energy moving through our system during the day. Pausing in the midst of activity to radiate gratitude, kindness, or compassion is a regenerative act of self-care that many of us forget (especially when we are pressed with stress, which is when we need it the most). It’s important that we do self-care maintenance, which strengthens our compassionate care going out to the world. Radiating heart care also helps to clear the way for sorting out our personal next steps. Often, our heart energies modulate up and down at times. When we feel down, it’s helpful to put out soft, genuine heart care — whether we can always feel it or not — as this helps ease our way through many challenging situations with much less stress. It aligns our heart, mind, and emotions for increased clarity on how we can best contribute, and draws more love and care to us.

As our hearts open more, we will sense more ways we can be effective in changing the world. Yet, the problem is that often we don’t sustain our initiative to practice the effective principles we aspire to until they become our new norm. It’s time for us all to stay meaningful with our practices and commitments to open our hearts more in our interactions and bring our much-needed love and care to the street. 

Care Focus: Caring for Self; Caring for the World 

  1. Breathe in love and get still inside. As you breathe out, radiate love and care into your cells. 
  1. While radiating love into your cells, see your mental, emotional, and physical health improving. Breathe light into your cells to clear density so more spirit can come in for healing and for mental and emotional support. 
  1. Now, envision yourself having more compassionate latitude for others, clearing miscommunications quicker, and listening to your heart feelings for direction in caring for yourself, others, and the world. Do this for a few minutes. 
  1. Now, breathe in what your heart guides you to do. Step into putting that care into action by breathing your intention into the earth. 
  1. Now, let’s radiate the collective heart energy to compassion and care initiatives that are facilitating the planetary Shift. See leaders deciding to cooperate more to increase peace and harmony in the world. 
  1. Let’s close by sending our deepest care and compassion to all who are suffering from wars, natural disasters, famine, and other major stressors. 

You can continue to do the Care Focus anytime it is convenient, as this will help raise the vibratory rate of the personal and collective field environment.

Thank you for your participation in this Care Focus.

Thank you for Caring. 

GCI Steering Committee and Staff 

(Reprinted with permission, HeartMath® Institute)