Hobbies may help reduce workplace stress

Hobbies may help reduce workplace stressSupervisors often encourage workers to engage in physical activity, eat a balanced diet and take advantage of their vacation days in an effort to reduce workplace stress. Additionally, research has shown that after-hours hobbies may be another way to decrease anxiety in employees.

An article in the Miami Herald reports that hobbies can reduce stress, alleviate high blood pressure and stimulate creativity in workers.

“No matter how good you are, no matter how intense you are and no matter how much you enjoy your job, stepping away relaxes the mind and gives you a new perspective,” said Jim Bird, CEO of Atlanta-based worklifebalance.com, quoted by the news source.

Whether the hobby is running, gardening, playing a musical instrument or collecting an item, individuals should make time for their after-hours activities the way they would schedule in work-related tasks, according to the news source.

An article on the Mayo Clinic's website reports that having a hobby can also boost self-esteem and give workers a sense of accomplishment.

Encouraging hobbies, like a company softball team or planning group outings, may be an effective complement to an employee wellness program. Initiatives that provide tools and resources for stress management have been shown to be effective in improving employee performance and reducing costs stemming from employee health benefits.

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