Webinar: Uplifting the Human Spirit: Creating Your New Normal

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As we look ahead to life after the pandemic, many people are wondering: What will the new normal be? 

Join Deborah Rozman, HeartMath Inc. President and CEO, for Uplifting the Human Spirit: Creating your New Normal, a special program where she will share insights, inspiration, and effective techniques to help you tune into your heart’s intuitive guidance as you create your new normal.

In this one-hour program you will learn:

  • why it’s a prime time to increase your patience baseline and make it an essential part of your new norm.
  • key practices for moving with patience and inner ease to help calm anxiety and erratic emotional energies.
  • an important technique to access your heart’s intuitive guidance for discernment and direction as you create your new normal.

Each of us will have many decisions to make about what we reintroduce into our lives, how we want to shape our new reality and be better prepared for whatever unexpected challenges may come. There has been no better time to engage your heart’s guidance. Applying patience while moving with inner ease through choices is a powerful practice for staying balanced, increasing resilience, and connecting with your intuitive guidance for clearer decisions as you move forward.

View Recording Here: