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Are you looking for some practical ways to enhance your health, performance and well-being? This section of our site is a compendium of information and solutions based on HeartMath’s scientifically validated research. Choose any area of interest listed below to learn more.



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1 Solution for Reducing Stress HeartMath 8623
2 Solution for Energy - Quantum Nutrients: Energy Out, Energy In HeartMath 4542
3 Solution for Pain Management HeartMath 4185
4 Solution for Overcoming Test Anxiety HeartMath 8572
5 Solution for Overcoming Anxiety HeartMath 7043
6 Solution for Overcoming Anger HeartMath 4652
7 Solution for Managing Your Weight HeartMath 7301
8 Solution for Managing Overwhelm/Time Pressure HeartMath 4377
9 Solution for Improving Relationships HeartMath 4219
10 Solution for Improving Your Immune System HeartMath 5214
11 Solution for Heart Disease And Hypertension HeartMath 4803
12 Solution for Effective Decision-Making HeartMath 5758
13 Solution for Easing Fatigue and Burnout HeartMath 3748
14 Solution for Developing Your Intuition HeartMath 5941
15 Solution for Overcoming Sleeplessness HeartMath 9311

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