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Dr Bessel van der Kolk

The Importance of Heart Rate Variability on Our Emotional Health and Well-Being

In a recent webinar with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk he shared some of his findings from his many years of research and working with traumatized adults and children. Below are some key highlights of his findings on HRV and its relationship to our well-being. The Expression of Emotions and the Relationship to HRV The […]

The Heart – a safe haven for brain injury clients

A client of mine named Tom, is recovering from a brain injury. His recovery goals include using tools to increase heart coherence as a method to help relieve anxiety as well as sharpen attention, memory and reading comprehension.  Tom learned to use the Quick Coherence® technique and started to notice that he felt less anxiety […]

Nabado’s Secrets to Achieving High Levels of Coherence

An interview with Steven Mitchelle Our points leader Nabado tells his story and shares about how he achieves high levels of coherence. When you visit the HeartCloud, the top name on the leader board is consistently “Nabado”.  Recently, Nabado shared his story with us and we wanted to let you in on his secrets.  First, […]

HeartMath Offers Breast-Cancer Survivors Hope and Wellness

Recreational therapist Diane Groff, Ed.D., and exercise physiologist Claudio Battaglini, Ph.D., both of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, recently completed an exploratory study on the role of recreation therapy in facilitating well-being in survivors of breast cancer using HeartMath’s handheld emWave Personal Stress Reliever® ( HeartMath® is internationally known for their research on […]

Are We Resigned to Stress?

Are We Resigned to Stress? HeartMath Stress Experts Say We Can Significantly Reduce Our Stress by Understanding How Our Emotions Work In the 1950’s a noted researcher named Hans Selye popularized the term stress for the first time. Selye said: “Everyone knows what stress is, but in reality nobody knows.” Today, however, we are learning […]

An Appreciative Heart is Good Medicine

Psychologists once maintained that emotions were purely mental expressions generated by the brain alone. We now know that this is not true – emotions have as much to do with the heart and body as they do with the brain. Of the bodily organs, the heart plays a particularly important role in our emotional experience. […]

Altruism: A Remedy for Stress

Altruism: A Remedy for Stress Will acts of kindness and generosity enhance our health, increase our longevity and make us happier? Can genuine altruism be a remedy for stress? When we act on behalf of other people, research shows we feel better and more secure and experience less stress. Does altruism have a physiological basis? […]

Five Essential Practices to Safeguard Your Relationship in Tough Times: HeartMath’s Research Sheds Light on the Role of the Heart in Lasting Love

HeartMath’s Research Sheds Light on the Role of the Heart in Lasting Love In times like these, when so many people are experiencing such high levels of stress, fear and anxiety, our relationships inevitably suffer, and in some cases, fall apart completely. Yet strong, caring relationships are vital to our mental, emotional and physical health. […]

How To Increase Your Resilience Factor | The Huffington Post

Are your emotions spinning out of control more often? Do you find that inconveniences, impatience and frustration are getting to you, and you aren’t able to let it all go like you once could? Do you feel tired or drained just thinking about your day and everything you need to get done? If you answered […]

Preventing a Stress Meltdown amidst Economic Chaos

It’s time to face a stark reality of life today: stress can take its toll on our energy, our well-being, our decision-making, the quality of our relationships, even our financial health. HeartMath has uncovered some startling information about how directly the stress of work pressure, particularly high stakes decisions traders face many times a day, […]

What Is Contemporary Stress?

A response to stress expresses itself as resistance, tension, strain, or frustration that throws off our equilibrium, keeping us out of sync. Note: This article may be reprinted in its entirety. Permission to reprint is contingent on the inclusion of the attribution statement found at the end of this article. The content herein may not […]

Reduce the Taxes of Financial Stress: Nine Tips for Relieving Money Worries

For millions of people, financial stress is eating away at their basic sense of security and well-being. And it’s not just bank accounts that are being drained, but also physical and emotional ressenting the people or issues you care about.ources, which in turn impact health, relationships, productivity and happiness. Note: This article may be reprinted […]

Getting to the Heart of the Matter in the Treatment of Trauma and Traumatic Stress – Sara G. Gilman, MFT

Sara is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, specializing in the areas of Trauma and Addictions as well as, Peak Performance Enhancement with athletes and other performers. She is an EMDR Approved Consultant, is on the EMDR International Association Board of Directors, and was the 2010 President of the Board. In this webinar Sara discusses […]

Solution for Easing Fatigue & Burnout

Recognizing Fatigue and Burnout Generally, the term fatigue refers to physical exhaustion: It can result from a hard day’s work at the construction site or the office, or a strenuous physical workout at school or the gym. Other types such as chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome require medical attention. Another form of fatigue that […]

Solution for Pain Management

Your Immune System Pain is the sensation of hurting resulting from an unpleasant or strong discomfort from injury, sickness, disease or functional disorder and is transmitted through the nervous system. More than a physical sensation, pain is our body’s way of defending us from physical harm and further pain by triggering processes that prompt us […]

Inside Stressing Out: What works and what doesn’t in the face of stress

When it comes to stress, most Americans don’t need a designated month to realize what they already know – stress is part of modern life and can’t always be avoided. Perhaps the most puzzling issue around stress is what really works when it comes to reducing it. Recent surveys by the American Psychological Association (APA) […]

Tips for Better Sleep

#1 The number one tip for better sleep: Put stress in check. One of the first symptoms of stress overload is disrupted sleep. Stressful feelings throw our inner rhythms out of sync and have a negative carryover effect on hormonal and nervous systems – making it difficult to sleep. You can try other sleep tips, but […]

Solution for Overcoming Anxiety

Recognizing Anxiety Anxiety can be described as any or a combination of feelings that all have their roots in some type of fear, including unease, worry, apprehension, dread, powerlessness or a sense of impending danger – real or imagined. Symptoms can be wide-ranging: the mind goes blank or other cognitive functions are lost, obsessive thoughts, […]

Teen Focus

Written by Ronna P. – 1 on 1 Provider As a Licensed 1:1 HeartMath Provider, I get to experience the benefits of the HeartMath technologies in many ways. First for myself and then with the results reported to me by my clients. Recently, I was able to see the benefit of the emWave2® for my […]

Police officers fight more than crime

Each day, law enforcement officers risk their lives and cope with the trauma of having co-workers killed or injured in the line of duty. As a result, police are in a constant battle with workplace stress. International News Magazine recently published an article by John Theobald, a police officer who went on to get his […]

In the Media

U.S. Airways Magazine (Feb. 2014): “Fitness First”

U.S. Airways Magazine featured HeartMaths Inner Balance App and Sensor in their “Fitness First!” product roundup. They said, “Good health isn’t just about moving your body; it’s also about reducing stress and learning to feel more calm and balanced.”

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DadDoes: “HeartMath Inner Balance Lightning Sensor Review, Tech To End Stress?”

Modern-dad blogger and tech enthusiast Dan Nessel reviews HeartMath’s Inner Balance App and Sensor. He said, “If you are looking for a drug free way to reduce stress in 2014, the Inner Balance App and Sensor is a great choice.”

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Quantified Self: “Gary Monk on Tracking HRV for Relaxation and Focus”

“In this video from the always great Meetup of the London Quantified Self group, Gary Monk describes his detailed relaxation and focus experiments using continuous HRV measurement with HeartMath’s Inner Balance sensor in the course of his normal daily life.”

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Sup Magazine: “Paddle Healthy: An attitude of gratitude”

Sup Magazine talks to John Denney about the importance of emotion refocusing techniques. “Denney explains. ‘Heart rhythms can be smooth and wave-like during a positive emotional state, or jagged and irregular, depending on the thoughts and emotions affecting the heart and nervous system. The system teaches skills that can help anyone learn to control their nervous system activity and move from one state to the other.’”

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Health Tech Zone: “Find Your Inner Balance with HeartMath”

Health Tech Zone speaks to Catherine Calarco, chief marketing officer and senior vice president at HeartMath, at CES this week to learn why she believes the company has a game-changing technology and to see it in action firsthand.

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USA Today: “How do you measure up? New health gadgets can tell you”

USA Today takes a look at several health gadgets that help people beat depression, lose weight, reduce stress or improve fitness. Among them is HeartMath’s Inner Balance App and Sensor.

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Bloomberg: “Fitness Apps Eclipse 3-D TVs as Digital Health Reaches CES: Tech”

“HeartMath LLC, which uses an ear-based sensor and smartphone to monitor a person’s well-being, will roll out a new service at CES that can be accessed from any device.”

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