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A Big Lesson for any Parent

Parenthood has taught me a lot. One of the biggest lessons presented itself not very long after my son was born: The importance of letting go. I’ve had to learn to let go and let him sleep in his own room; let go and let him cross the street to play; let go and let […]


The Power of Emotions

An important first step is to become more aware of how you feel. Many people go through the whole day registering emotions only on a surface level, unaware of the emotional undercurrents affecting their thoughts and perceptions. In order to gain new insight about your emotions you need to become more aware of what’s going […]


Increasing Resilience Enhances Decision Making

The dictionary describes a decision as “the act of reaching a conclusion or making up one’s mind.” According to new scientific research, this is only part of the story. One of the most intriguing findings in recent research is that one’s feelings are involved in the process of making decisions as much as, or even […]


6 Tips to Inspire a Change of Heart

Download this FREE E-book Download – Applied Appreciation! Also, Please enjoy free ground shipping on purchase of all technology products! Just use coupon code VC53115 at checkout. Restrictions apply* Ask yourself, “What makes my heart come alive?” What in your work inspires you, and what has become dry and stale? What in your relationships inspires […]


What’s Your Priority?

In this wireless era of high speed internet, smart phones and 24/7 accessibility, a lot of the work place stress we experience today comes from feeling caught in the middle of an expanding whirlwind of information and the belief that we have to do something about every single byte, NOW. I remember when memos arrived […]


Eric’s Story of Sleeplessness and What he Did to Build his Resilience

“I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that the Heart Lock-In saved my marriage—and possibly my life,” says Eric, age 35. “A year ago, I started a new company. My wife and 2-year-old daughter and I were the perfect postcard family, complete with my wife’s belly-bump of our expected son. Then, shortly after our […]


One Coach Shares Her Resilience Story Using the emWave® Pro

“I’m Bonnie Thompson and I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Certified HeartMath Coach. In my coaching practice I specialize in two areas: Resilience and Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs). I have worked with clients from all over the world for many years, helping them to live more authentic and centered lives. You can learn more […]


Resilience Tips to Refresh our Attitudes

Our mental and emotional resilience helps us to recover from and adapt to stressful situations that can challenge us. Finding inspirational ways that refresh ourselves can make a big difference in our day to day attitudes and increase our natural resilience. Most people find it more manageable to work with one at a time, moving […]


Time to Hit the Refresh Button

A friend of mine picked up a book to help him finally clear the clutter in his office. He placed it at the top of his ‘have to read’ pile and decided to get a head start by sorting through the pile right then and there. Guess what he found when he finally reached the […]


Technology that Helps Build and Sustain Resilience

Howard Martin shares how he uses the HeartMath technology in his regular practice each day to tune up and sustain his resilience. “I have been practicing the HeartMath techniques for a very long time. When we first came out with our technology I used my emWave® most every day to help deepen my practices. For […]


Resilience Building Tools for College Students

Ahhh college…some view it as the best time of their life while others as the most challenging and uncomfortable. Whichever way you remember it, stressful probably isn’t how you would describe it. Today college students are under a tremendous amount of stress. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that colleges are seeing a generation of […]


Good for the Mind, Body & Soul

Someone once told me while I was in the midst of a difficult situation, if there’s the slightest chance you might look back on this some day and laugh about it, start laughing now. Granted, this doesn’t work every time, but it sure has helped me get through some tough times. Seeing the lighter side […]


Back to School – Resilience Tips for Kids

We all know how badly we react to nonstop stress, why would we expect our children to be any different? All this pressure isn’t resulting in better performance or higher test scores. In many cases it is leading to anxiety, depression and an overall feeling of sadness. The good news is that it doesn’t have […]


Stepping Away From Your Blind Spot

When visiting my 85 year old father last week, I took it upon myself to organize his apartment. The next day everything was back in its original spot. There’s comfort in the familiar and comfort was certainly more important to him than a new, more efficient place for his mail. We all know other people […]


Resilience Makeover

  Don’t forget to enter to win a Resilience Makeover package. Click Here! Resilience is a great attribute that can help us see beyond imperfections and extract the best from life. When people are resilient they have the capacity to adapt to challenges with more ease. They can often find redeeming potential in most situations. […]


Don’t Wait!

We talk a lot about the benefits of physiological coherence and how it can reduce stress, improve health and enhance performance. Even though the HeartMath® System makes achieving coherence quick and easy when you need it the most, remembering to get coherent is the hard part. No worries. Even if you forget to get coherent […]


The Right Start for Your Day

Your alarm doesn’t go off, you over sleep and you PANIC. You’re running late, can’t find your car keys and you’re FRUSTRATED. You get stuck in traffic, miss your exit and you’re ANGRY. You reach to change the radio station, spill your latte and you’re ANNOYED. You have 3 urgent messages from a client, an […]


Independence Day

We talk, and sometimes even brag, about the amount of stress we’re experiencing these days. Yet, I still hear the same excuses for not doing something about it. I just don’t have the time! We’re all busy and as long as we believe stress reduction requires time, we continue to reserve it for Saturday morning […]


The Best Tools Available!

All the latest tools and gadgets won’t help you build a house unless you know when to use the power drill or the screw driver. The HeartMath® system includes a variety of tools and techniques designed to use any time to create the mental, emotional and physical state we call coherence. We know that coherence […]


Softly Speaking

Ever wonder why we shout when we are angry? This story* is one of the best explanations I’ve come across. Enjoy! A Hindu saint who was visiting the River Ganges to take a bath found a group of family members on the banks, shouting in anger at each other. He turned to his disciples, smiled […]

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Stressed Out? 3 Ways to Weed Out Stress From the Workplace

Stress at work is a major issue for many Americans. According to a study from the National Institute on Occupational Safety and Health, 40 percent of workers surveyed reported that their jobs were very or extremely stressful, while 25 percent viewed their jobs as the number-one stressor in their lives.

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U.S. Airways Magazine: “Fitness First”

U.S. Airways Magazine featured HeartMaths Inner Balance App and Sensor in their “Fitness First!” product roundup. They said, “Good health isn’t just about moving your body; it’s also about reducing stress and learning to feel more calm and balanced.”

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DadDoes: “HeartMath Inner Balance Lightning Sensor Review, Tech To End Stress?”

Modern-dad blogger and tech enthusiast Dan Nessel reviews HeartMath’s Inner Balance App and Sensor. He said, “If you are looking for a drug free way to reduce stress in 2014, the Inner Balance App and Sensor is a great choice.”

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Quantified Self: “Gary Monk on Tracking HRV for Relaxation and Focus”

“In this video from the always great Meetup of the London Quantified Self group, Gary Monk describes his detailed relaxation and focus experiments using continuous HRV measurement with HeartMath’s Inner Balance sensor in the course of his normal daily life.”

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Sup Magazine: “Paddle Healthy: An attitude of gratitude”

Sup Magazine talks to John Denney about the importance of emotion refocusing techniques. “Denney explains. ‘Heart rhythms can be smooth and wave-like during a positive emotional state, or jagged and irregular, depending on the thoughts and emotions affecting the heart and nervous system. The system teaches skills that can help anyone learn to control their nervous system activity and move from one state to the other.’”

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Health Tech Zone: “Find Your Inner Balance with HeartMath”

Health Tech Zone speaks to Catherine Calarco, chief marketing officer and senior vice president at HeartMath, at CES this week to learn why she believes the company has a game-changing technology and to see it in action firsthand.

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USA Today: “How do you measure up? New health gadgets can tell you”

USA Today takes a look at several health gadgets that help people beat depression, lose weight, reduce stress or improve fitness. Among them is HeartMath’s Inner Balance App and Sensor.

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Bloomberg: “Fitness Apps Eclipse 3-D TVs as Digital Health Reaches CES: Tech”

“HeartMath LLC, which uses an ear-based sensor and smartphone to monitor a person’s well-being, will roll out a new service at CES that can be accessed from any device.”

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