Deborah Rozman: From: Unmanaged Mind To: Heart Intuition – Heroine’s/Hero’s Journey: A Call to Adventure – 5 Minute Success – The Podcast, Episode 276

HeartMath’s CEO Deborah Rozman speaks to Karen Briscoe, host of the 5 minute success podcast.

In this episode, Karen and Deborah discuss Deborah’s Heroine’s/Hero’s Journey:

  • Deborah’s Call to Adventure
  • Ordinary Live-Comfort Zone
    • We need to listen to our hearts to know where our home is. There will be plenty of challenges, but we can learn how to distinguish the signal from our heart.
  • Transformational Leaps
    • There is something deeper and more of a connection with our heart, we feel it and see it in our lives. We need to use that as our baseline reference, not just as a hit-or-miss lifestyle.
  • Embrace Full Life
    • The collective heart is awakening. More and more, we are all hearing the call to help and support and love one another.
  • Return with Treasures
    • We are here to make choices – good choices – that will help the whole. That is what brings for the highest bliss and fulfillment.
  • How does Deborah FLIP TIME to LOVE LIFE?