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How do multiple players use Dual Drive / Tropical Heat?
Jun 08, 2018
Instructions from the SomaticVision web site on how to launch a multi-player game with Dual Drive and Tropical Heat.

Using the Hidden Mouse function with Dual Drive / Tropical Heat
Jun 08, 2018
Sometimes the mouse cursor becomes a distraction during the Dual Drive / Tropical Heat games.

Register Dual Drive/Tropical Heat
Jun 08, 2018
Instructions on how to register your Dual Drive / Tropical Heat game for activation.

Tropical Heat Game User's Manual
Jun 08, 2018
Here is a downloadable .pdf version of the Tropical Heat Game User's Manual

Dual Drive settings in the emWave program
Jun 08, 2018
The TCP settings must be changed in the emWave program in order to run either the Dual Drive or Tropical Heat games.

Can I run the Dual Drive / Tropical Heat Games using the emWave2 software program?
Jun 07, 2018
Dual Drive and Tropical Heat are great additions for use with the emWave2 software program.

Tips on using a GamePad controller
May 24, 2018
Using a Game Pad controller can enhance your experience with Dual Drive and Tropical Heat.

Dual Drive only lists Basic Race and one car
May 24, 2018
Please uncheck the option in Options - Levels Progress in Order.

Dual Drive Game User's Manual
May 14, 2018
Here is a download link to the Dual Drive User's Manual.