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How to Wipe the emWave2 device.

Nov 02, 2020

If you just want to delete sessions on the emWave2 device, you must first open the emWave software program and connect your emWave2 to your computer via the USB interface cable.

In the emWave program, go to File/Sync emWave2.
Ensure that Sync Session Data with Device is checked if you want to transfer your last sessions.
Also ensure that Delete Hand Held Session Data after import is checked; it will remove the sessions after transferring them to the software.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only use the delete data function to clear Session data from the emWave2. Wiping the emWave2 device will dis-associate the emWave2 from the current computer and makes it available for use with a different computer and user.

How to Wipe the emWave2 device:
Open the emWave program
Click > File and Sync emWave2

wipe e2

Click the Options button on the left.
On the next screen, put a check mark in the box next to Wipe Device

wipe e2 check

Follow the prompts to complete the procedure. Your emWave2 is now released from that computer and can now be associated with a different user on a different computer.

After you do a wipe of the device, do another sync to the computer (before you run any sessions on the unit) to set the internal clock on the handheld unit.  That will apply the correct dates to the sessions you will be recording and syncing. This will protect the integrity of your session database.