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emWave2 Training Class

May 31, 2018

A free emWave2 (formerly emWave PSR) tele-class is provided by HeartMath LLC.

 The class can be accessed by calling (712) 775-7100 at 12 Noon Pacific Time, every Tuesday except major US holidays..

Please use the PIN Code 107309 and press the # sign.

Remember that the class may be in session when you call, so please wait for a break in the conversation and quietly say your name. Please Note: It's highly recommended that you have the emWave2 program installed on your computer. This will ensure better assistance from the instructor and allow for more participation in the class from all of the attendees.

Feel free to ask questions regarding the operation of the emWave handheld devices only. Please direct any other types of questions to Customer Support or HeartMath Technical Support, [email protected]