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What is the Difference between "Delete" and "Wipe" on the emWave2 device?

Jun 07, 2018

It is an important difference: only use the delete data function to remove Sessions off of the hand held device.

DO NOT use the "wipe" function unless you intend to transfer the user, as it will delete the digital ID as well.

This is especially critical if you want to use the hand held on several different computers concurrently; because the Digital ID is randomly created, other computers that previously recognized the hand held will cease to do so.  This will result in new Digital ID's being created each time a sync is accomplished after that.  It would be necessary to completely uninstall the emWave2 software program and then reinstall it as "fresh" to have all software installations recognize the hand held with one Digital ID.

Using only the emWave2 software program, you are restricted to a single user.
The emWave PRO program does not have this restriction, so this function is not necessary.