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What is the difference between the emWave PRO and the emWave2 software?

Nov 27, 2014

The main differences are as follows:
  • emWave2 is designed for single user, single device functionality; emWave PRO is designed for multi-user, multiple device and multi-database functionality.

  • The emWave PRO will work with the emWave2 hand held device, and the sensor/module combination. emWave2 software will only work with the emWave2 hand held device.

  • emWave PRO has the ability to export and import user sessions from different databases.

  • The HRV, Accumulated Score and Coherence Ratio displays from the emWave PRO are included in the emWave2.

  • The Power Spectrum, Pulse Data and Multiple Databases are not available in the emWave2.


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