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Buy Sensor or No Sensor Found error codes

Dec 14, 2016

On occasion, you may see "Buy Sensor" displayed if the sensor is not detected when first used.
After the sensor has worked once or twice, if it is not detected you will get the "No Sensor Found" error code displayed.

For iOS devices, the resolution is the same for either error code:
Remove and reconnect the IBT connector.
Remove any cover from the device and reconnect the IBT connector, if the connector is not fitting well or you are still getting the error code. Re-start the Device.

For Android devices:
Make sure that you pair the Bluetooth sensor with the app and not the device and the sensor power is turned on. Re-start the Device with the sensor turned on.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using a Lightning Adapter on an older iOS device, make sure the adapter is a genuine Apple product.

Most third party adapters are for charging only and not two-way data transport.

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