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Inner Balance Analytics Data

Dec 21, 2018

During the installation process for Inner Balance version 3.13 and higher, you will get an invitation asking for your permission to collect some information.
Please Note: Names, Locations and other personal data are irrelevant for this use and are not collected by HeartMath.
Your permission is not required to use the app, so you may decline if you would like. All data remains completely anonymous. Data will never be shared, distributed or sold for any reason. You can change this decision at any time by going into the app settings and selecting App and Sensor Info to make your change.

We would like to collect certain key pieces of Session information that will assist HeartMath in the future.
The information we would like to collect is:
  • Coherence results
  • Session time/length
  • Challenge level
  • Age and Gender
This information will be used to help maintain the accuracy of normative data reports used in the HeartMath apps.
These reports are used for comparison with other studies and features.

image of the analytics invitation