Building Personal Resilience™ Program: Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Building Personal Resilience™ Program allow me to do?

The Program provides the training and materials you need to effectively coach or mentor the HeartMath System with your individual clients, patients, peers or students or with small groups of up to 10 people. The program also grants you a license that allows for the commercial use of HeartMath’s trade names and intellectual property and to promote yourself as a “HeartMath Certified Mentor”.

How much is the Building Personal Resilience™ (BPR) course?

The BPR program fee is $1295 and includes the Inner Balance Bluetooth; Reference Guide and handouts for use with your clients. It is required to have a form of the technology available during the program, such as an emWave®Pro ($299), emWave2® ($199) or Inner Balance™ sensor (Wired Lightning Sensor for iOS-$129, Bluetooth (BTLE) Sensor for both iOS and Android-$159). Additional guides are available for purchase to use with your clients.

What is taught in the Building Personal Resilience training?

The HeartMath System includes the complete range of HeartMath tools and techniques, the research, concepts and theories that support these techniques and HeartMath’s award-winning emWave® and Inner Balance™ coherence building technology. For the course curriculum, please click here.

How do I sign up for the course?

You can purchase the course online through the store or through your HeartMath Account Executive. After purchase you will receive an email with your unique one-time use Enrollment Key/Code which you will need to log-into the Learning Center where you will find the pre-recorded portion of the class. Alternatively, if you have further questions you can contact our account executive Toni Roberts at

How is the program delivered?

The Building Personal Resilience program is a distant learning program that includes home study, on-line live webinars, recorded presentations and on-going support.

What happens if I miss a session?

All classes are recorded and can be accessed for review at your convenience. To track attendance, review one of the Live Class recordings in the Class folder and complete the associated questionnaire.

Does the certification allow me to teach the HeartMath System in public classes, workshops or seminars?

This certification limits use of HeartMath’s intellectual property to coaching or mentoring with individuals or small groups of up to 10 people. The BPR program focuses on skills and materials for effective delivery of the HeartMath tools in a coaching-style instruction. A license to teach HeartMath workshops and other types of group classes is only available after completion of the HeartMath Certified Trainer Program.

Amended License Agreement for HeartMath Mentors. This License supersedes any previous 1:1 Provider or HeartMath Coach License.

How is Building Personal Resilience Program different from the HeartMath Intervention and HeartMath Certified Trainer Programs?

The HeartMath Building Personal Resilience is open to all who typically work outside of a clinical or therapeutic setting, unless they are also a health care professional. HeartMath coaches and mentors have a license which allows them to promote and ‘sell’ individual HeartMath instruction to the general public, e.g. life coaching, professional development, stress management education, sports performance, etc. in a small group of up to 10 people.

Building Personal Resilience does not include therapeutic applications of the HeartMath System nor does it require you hold a health professional credential, as is a requirement for the HeartMath Interventions Program (HMIP). The HMIP course is significantly more academic, includes in-depth scientific information and specific assessment protocols. HMIP focuses on clinical applications of HeartMath tools and technology and offers a certification option. Click here for more details.

HeartMath Certified Trainer program (HMCT) is held onsite at the HeartMath Institute in Boulder Creek, CA.  Special sessions may be held elsewhere in the US. The HMCT program allows HeartMath tools to be taught in a workshop, seminar or other type of group setting. For more details on the HMCT program, click here.

Why do I have to agree to the terms stated in the Letter of Agreement?

By virtue of taking the BPR program, you have HeartMath’s permission to use the confidential and copyrighted information, processes and materials included in the program. The Agreement is the primary way HeartMath maintains the standards and boundaries of the program. The Agreement states what we agree to do and what you agree to in regard to these materials and in order to make the claim you were trained by HeartMath in the Building Personal Resilience program.

Do I need to pay a percentage or royalty to HeartMath on the income I receive from teaching individuals the HeartMath System?

There is no royalty payment to HeartMath on your income as a HeartMath Certified Mentor.

Can HeartMath techniques be modified?

To maintain the integrity of the Institute of HeartMath’s intellectual property and in order to stay within the guidelines of trademark and copyright law, you may not modify the techniques nor create work based on or using any part of the HeartMath System and call it your own. Modifications of the HeartMath techniques and intellectual property are considered derivative works and remain the property of the Institute of HeartMath. Modifications include translations, editorial revisions, interpretive matter, annotations, elaborations or other adaptations or forms of presentation that are based on the original HeartMath work. Modifications may be made only with specific written permission from HeartMath. We respect the expertise and experience many people bring to the Program and are committed to a fair, collaborative and quick approval process regarding creative applications of HeartMath System and technology.

Can I use the HeartMath techniques with clients if I am not certified?

  You don’t need a certification to share your personal experience of the HeartMath System with others. Many professionals have discovered how their own personal use of the tools and techniques can enhance their client work. If you believe your clients or patients could benefit from the HeartMath System, we suggest you refer them to the many HeartMath products which are designed for self-learning. Without training and a certification, however, no one can promote themselves as a HeartMath mentor or charge to teach others the techniques.

Do I need to pay an annual fee to maintain my Certified Mentor license?

The license is evergreen and does not expire. You will have lifetime access to the resources in the Learning Center portal and there is no annual resource fee. To receive extra benefits, including discounts on products, a listing in the Certified Professional Directory, and receive unlimited access to other Certified Professionals within the HeartMath certified community, through a special portal, you will have the opportunity to join the Community of Practice for the first year at a discounted rate from the $295 annual subscription.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Once you registered for a series, we are happy to refund the registration fee based on the following schedule:

  • Before Class 1: Full payment will be refunded, minus a $150 processing fee.
  • After Class 1: Full payment will be refunded, minus a $300 fee.
  • After Class 2: Full payment will be refunded, minus a $450 fee.
  • After Class 3: No Refunds will be issued.

There isn’t any charge to transfer to a later Building Personal Resilience™ Mentor Certification training.

Is the Building Personal Resilience program available outside the U.S.?

Yes, HeartMath’s Certified Mentor Program is available to everyone. In some countries our programs are offered via HeartMath’s International Alliances. Please check the Alliances section for the countries in which alternative programs are offered.

Do I get automatically get a discount on HeartMath products?

As a HeartMath Certified Mentor you have access to special discounts on most of our products, including the technology.

Can I sell HeartMath products to increase my income from the HeartMath aspect of my business?

Yes. Selling books, materials, and the emWave products can be a substantial income generator as well as a way to provide your clients with additional information to help their understanding and use of the HeartMath System. In addition to the workbooks, coaches/mentors can purchase our commercially available products, books, CD’s, learning programs and emWave products at discounted prices that range from 25-50% below list price.

Does HeartMath have an Affiliate Program?

You have the option of becoming an affiliate for HeartMath through the Rakuten Affiliate Marketing platform. This program allows you to receive 10% commission (paid by Rakuten) for sales made by clicking through to the HeartMath store ( via a private link you provide your customer. Their order is then placed and shipped through the HeartMath store. More information on our affiliate program can be found here.

Can I get CEUs?

There are no CEUs available for our Building Personal Resilience Program.

How do I find clients? Will you help me market myself as a HeartMath Certified Mentor so I can build my business?

As a HeartMath Mentor you will have access to online resources, such as hand-outs, flyers and sell sheets. A library of webinars where some of HeartMath’s most successful coaches offer support and marketing ideas is available as well. Additional support is available directly through your account executive to help you plan particular promotions or events to market yourself.

My clients don’t speak English. Can I translate the forms and handouts?

All translations are considered ‘derivative works’ as noted in the Letter of Agreement and as such any request must be submitted to the BPR program administrator for approval before translation may occur.

When is the next program?

The BPR program is scheduled throughout the year.  Check the current schedule here: Building Personal Resilience schedule.

HeartMath is a registered trademark of the Institute of HeartMath. emWave is a registered trademark of Quantum Intech, Inc.