Building Personal Resilience™ Curriculum

Each class consists of pre-recorded and live modules. Recorded classes provide content on the science and techniques while the live courses provide a practice forum for advanced learning, application of the techniques, how to teach the content to your clients and question and answers for the expert faculty.

Class 1:  Overview and Resilience Model

Explore resilience and discover how it can help you and your clients make meaningful changes in your lives. You’ll learn the first of several techniques that help build your resilience capacity and the positive impact greater resilience has.

 Class 2:  Coherence and the Physiology of Resilience

Discover an important physiological state called ‘heart-coherence’ which underlies resilience. We’ll introduce an effective tool that relates your everyday experience with your physiology, and that also illustrates the empowered choices we can make. You’ll also learn another coherence-building technique, which is different than relaxation techniques.

Class 3:  Resetting Neural Patterns and Shifting Attitudes

Learn the role of neural patterns, how they are formed and how we can reset ingrained, unwanted patterns through practice. Learn to shift habits and replace them with new ones. Learn that lasting change starts in the heart.

Class 4:  Working with Others

Learn to use the Building Personal Resilience™ transformational process and how to incorporate it into your work with others. This class also includes best practices and tips for integrating the HeartMath system into your sessions.

Class 5:  Coherence Technology and Working with Others

Coherence technology provides real-time feedback as you practice coherence-building techniques. Coherence feedback helps enhance focus and promote self-regulation while motivating people to establish a consistent practice.

Class 6:  Intuition and Heart Intelligence

Experience the heart as a source of intelligence that acts as an inner prompter for moment-to-moment intuitive guidance, making heart intelligence a practical part of daily life. Learn a technique to activate your heart’s intuitive intelligence.

Class 7: Increasing Resonance and Coherent Communication

Explore the energetics of communication and the fascinating science of how we can affect one another energetically. Discover the undercurrents of inner drama and how they can affect not only our communication, but also our resilience and our everyday fulfillment.

Class 8: Leveraging Heart Intelligence

Review the progress you have made, reinforce positive changes and focus on the importance of establishing a new baseline for lasting change. Introduction to an effective technique to bring together all you’ve learned and plan your next steps.

Each class consists of a one-hour session of pre-recorded education in core topics and then a one-hour live video session, including a Q&A. You’ll be able to connect with your class participants in a safe environment, both during and after the program.