Howard Martin

“The doorway to fulfillment is in your heart. When you use your heart intelligence to shift perception and direct the flow of your emotions, you have the ability to generate and magnetize your own fulfillment. The longing stops and is replaced by appreciation.”

The HeartMath Solution, Doc Childre and Howard Martin

HeartMath LLC
HeartMath Institute

  1. Change is happening quickly and the world’s problems seem to be increasing. What do you think is taking place and is behind the increasing chaos?
  2. Many people are experiencing more feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and uneasiness. The reasons for this seem obvious but from your perspective do you see any underlying causes for this?
  3. HeartMath has been doing research on heart/brain/body communication for many years and you talk about heart intelligence. What is it, what has the research found and how can heart intelligence help deal with the challenges we are facing?
  4. You mention that intuition is an important aspect of “heart intelligence” and intuition seems to be something people are talking about more all the time. What are your perspectives on intuition, what it is and how we can develop our intuition?
  5. Do you have some techniques or methods you can share that would help our listeners increase their “heart intelligence?”
  6. I understand your research is moving more in the direction of exploring the interactions between people and between all living systems. Can you speak to that and why the new discoveries this research may provide are important?
  7. You just mentioned global coherence. Are you researching that as well?
  8. You have stated that your focus now is helping to advance a new momentum… people adding the qualities of the heart to all aspects of their lives in order to help create a more heart-connected world. Please tell our listeners more about that.
  9. What can people do to help create a more heart-connected world and better deal with personal and global challenges?