Global Coherence Pulse

What if communities around the world, synchronized in heart-centered coherence, could help catalyze an evolutionary leap for humanity? 

The HeartMath Institute’s Global Coherence Initiative is partnering with the Global Coherence Pulse, a science-backed social collaboration to Pulse the Planet with the frequencies of love and compassion, joy and appreciation. The Global Coherence Initiative will employ its global instrumentation network to help science tell the story of our interconnectedness and of the power of our Collective Heart.

Throughout the month of August, each Saturday, the Global Coherence Pulse will host live sessions for anyone wanting to participate and be part of the data collection while we join together and consciously choose to be an island of coherence.

Each Saturday session includes inspiring music, coherence related content and a synchronized global coherence meditation. Participants are invited to join the collaborative research study (in partnership with HeartMath Institute and (GCI) Global Coherence Initiative) by downloading the Global Coherence APP (on Apple store and Google Play) and getting an optional HRV sensor to measure your personal coherence.

Using the Global Coherence APP and HRV sensor, we will collect real-time feedback on the size and location of our “coherent island” and the individual and collective coherence levels reached during our sessions and throughout the month.

The next live sessions will happen August 22nd, and 29th. Read more and register for the upcoming Global Coherence Pulse events at