HeartMath® Inc., Partners with Thrive Global

Drawing on HeartMath’s rich evidence-based personal stress relief technologies, Thrive Global is adding HeartMath’s wellness products to help people and organizations thrive

Boulder Creek, Calif., November 30, 2016 — HeartMath®, Inc., is pleased to announce that it is an official core partner with Thrive Global as a member of their expert thought leaders team. Thrive Global is a new corporate and consumer well¬being and productivity platform that hopes to change how we work and live, founded and led by Arianna Huffington. The HeartMath organization was invited to partner with Thrive Global due to their effective methods for dealing with stress, overwhelm, nervous system health and other critical challenges related to emotional self-regulation.

Thrive Global’s primary aim is to help alleviate the overwhelming amount of stress so many people are struggling with and improve the overall health and wellness of people and organizations globally. HeartMath is an acknowledged world leader in stress and resilience technologies that train users to release and reset their response to stress in real-time, and achieve a state of inner balance and optimal functioning.

The HeartMath organization has spent over two decades researching an optimal physiological state called “coherence’, where heart, mind and emotions operate in harmony and synchronicity. Their award-winning technology, called the Inner Balance with pulse sensor for Android and iOS devices provides real-time feedback on the user’s HRV (heart rhythm) coherence level then guides the user into a more coherent internal state. Research has shown when the heart rhythm pattern shifts into a more coherent mode, user’s release stress and overwhelm in the moment. Spending just a few minutes in heart rhythm coherence with the Inner Balance app has been shown to have a positive carryover effect through daily activities and challenges. Users have easier access to inner calm, clarity in decision-making, and experience quicker recovery of emotional composure.

Pre and post assessments and outcome studies with thousands of people show significant improvements in sleep, energy levels and mood, along with reductions in anxiety, depression and stress-related conditions after just a few weeks’ coherence practice.

“I appreciate Arianna Huffington for her skilled commitment to curating evidence-based best practices and technologies that can help people empower their health and wellness,” said Dr. Deborah Rozman, President and CEO of HeartMath Inc., “Together we hope to improve the lives of millions of people worldwide.”

HeartMath HRV research has been validated in over two-hundred independent peer-reviewed studies and published in journals such as the American Journal of Cardiology, Preventive Cardiology and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology among many others.

HeartMath was the first recipient of the American Institute of Stress (AIS) Award for Distinction and Innovation. This award is granted to products and services that have been formally evaluated and validated as effective by AIS.


HeartMath® Institute Launches New Interactive e-Learning Program

The Sunshine Secret teaches children to recognize, express and self-regulate emotions and behavior

Boulder Creek, Calif., October 24, 2016 – Teaching kids about their emotions and managing their behavior provides an enormous advantage in navigating today’s unique challenges, according to the HeartMath® Institute (HMI), developers of a new e-Learning program, the Sunshine Secret. “Learning about your emotions, and how they can help you can be easy, fun and effective for children, teachers and parents,” said Jeff Goelitz, an HMI education specialist and one of the program’s chief developers

Officials at HeartMath, known for their published research and success in classroom programs that teach emotional skills, launched the program this month, are saying that the planning, development and testing of Sunshine Secret, for ages 3-7, resulted in a highly interactive learning experience that kids’ loved participating in.
The Sunshine Secret engages the whole child by involving their intellect, their creative abilities and by having children use their eyes, ears, hands and voice and what HeartMath calls qualities of the heart such as appreciation, kindness and care.
“Schools have been asking us to put our social-emotional tools into an e-learning format for years, and we are excited to be launching HeartMath’s first e-learning product,” said Goelitz. “We solicited and received lots of help from of parents and educators to make this very user friendly. These days children and parents want a lot freedom to choose what best suits their needs and interests, and I think that’s the program’s strength.”
Sunshine Secret uses current computer and tablet technology to engage boys and girls on multiple levels as they learn how to recognize, self-regulate and control their emotions.


Click to watch a brief overview of the Sunshine Secret.

Sunshine Secret


The program’s variety of interactive activities are aimed at gently challenging young children while teaching them important social-emotional skills that research shows will aid them during their school years and into adulthood.

Sunshine Secret is an animated story set in a forest about the adventures of Gloria the glowworm and Leon the Chameleon. The pair long to learn the secret of glowing green and eventually discover that the secret lies in the ability to change their emotions. HeartMath calls this emotional self-regulation, a process researchers and psychologists say can renew and improve emotional outlook and behavior in addition to providing physical and mental benefits.

Within each story chapter, children complete support activities designed to achieve positive emotional outcomes. These include putting together virtual puzzles, coloring exercises with story characters and learning emotion vocabulary words.

HeartMath, widely known for the tools and techniques they have developed for lowering stress and managing emotions, included a children’s tool in Sunshine Secret called Heart Shine.
“This is a simple tool for teaching kids how they can replace negative emotions like anger and hurt with understanding, compassion and hope,” HMI President Sara Childre. “What it teaches them is how to activate, or think about the natural and uplifting qualities of the heart. It’s a wonderful way for them to get through any challenge.”

Other interactive activities in the program include:
•  Identifying and matching emotion faces.
•  Appreciation Board for promoting positive attitudes and feelings.
•  Sing-along songs to reinforce key program concepts and skills.
•  Animated videos with age-appropriate science content, including a frog’s life cycle, the sun and more.

Sunshine Secret has on-screen visual and audio instructions, separate Parent Guide and Educator guides and a number of other support resources. Children receive a certificate of completion after finishing the program.


About HeartMath® Institute
HeartMath Institute (HMI), www.heartmath.org, is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit research and education organization headquartered in Central California. For more than two decades HMI has researched and developed reliable, scientifically based tools and programs through its research and education divisions that bridge the connection between heart and mind and deepen people’s connection with the hearts of others. The HeartMath methodologies offer hope of new, effective solutions for the many daunting problems that face society by restoring balance and maximizing every individual’s potential. 

HeartMath is a registered trademark of Quantum Intech, Inc.  For all HeartMath owned trademarks go to www.heartmath.com/trademarks


Helping Teens Combat Stress by Staying Cool Under Pressure


Contact: Cassie Kolias
[email protected], (510) 594-6142

The United States suicide rate is at a 30-year-high, and teens are facing more stressors than ever before – with social media, cyber bullying, and the pressure to be perfect. In Transforming Stress for Teens (August 1, 2016), leaders from the world-renowned HeartMath® Institute and Clemson University’s Youth Learning Institute team up to teach overwhelmed and stressed-out teen readers how to use proven-effective HeartMath® skills. These tools and techniques will help readers manage daily stress and anxiety and develop resilience by managing emotion.

Scientists at the HeartMath® Institute discovered that your emotions affect your heart rhythms. The research showed that emotions such as frustration, anger, anxiety, impatience, worry, fear and sadness, for instance—the ones that drain your inner battery and that feel lousy—create a heart rhythm pattern that looks disordered and chaotic. That chaotic signal goes straight to your brain, causing a panic mode, preventing you from thinking straight. You can begin to recharge your inner battery by focusing on emotions that feel good to you. Emotions such as kindness, care, courage, appreciation, joy and patience create a smooth and ordered pattern in your heart rhythms. When your heart rhythm is even, you feel more centered, can think more clearly and have greater ability to handle the stressful situations with a lot less emotional drama.

“At the heart of managing stress is how you respond to a situation,” the authors write. “Challenging situations, big and small, are a part of life, no matter how old you are. It’s how you handle those situations that counts.”

What people are saying about Transforming Stress for Teens:

Filled with research-proven, practical suggestions for transforming stress in teens, this insightful book can help you create clarity and calm in the face of the daily challenges of life. This is a step-by-step guide with accessible practices as well as interesting proposals about intuition and relationships, offering new ways of strengthening your mind and improving your life. Dive in and feel the power of this approach!

Daniel J. Siegel, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Brainstorm and Mind

Less stress, less drama, more true friends! Transforming Stress for Teens provides the skills and knowledge teens need to take back their power, and experience both acceptance and understanding. Fit in, be loving, and be loved, yet remain uniquely and genuinely you! A must read.

Becky A. Bailey, PhD, internationally acclaimed author and speaker, and creator of the Conscious Discipline system of self-regulation for parents, teachers, and students

About the Authors:

Rollin McCraty, PhD, is director of research at HeartMath® Institute Research Center. McCraty, a professor at Florida Atlantic University, is a psychophysiologist whose interests include the physiology of emotion. One of his primary areas of focus is the mechanisms by which emotions influence cognitive processes, behavior, and health. Findings from this research have been incorporated by HeartMath® in the development of simple, user-friendly mental and emotional self-regulation tools and techniques.

Sarah Moor is a HeartMath® master trainer and mentor. She is the instructor for HeartMath®’s coach/mentor certification training, assists in program design and development, and coordinates and mentors special HeartMath® projects. She has mentored thousands of individuals in learning how to incorporate the HeartMath® System into their daily lives.

Jeff Goelitz is currently program developer, senior trainer, and education specialist with the nonprofit HeartMath® Institute. He regularly consults with education professionals, mental health specialists, and parents around the United States and Canada to help improve the well-being of youth, parent/child communication, and classroom climate and performance. In the last fifteen years, he has created and contributed to numerous educational curricula and programs designed to improve social and emotional learning, including The College De-Stress Handbook.

Stephen W. Lance, MS, has over twenty years of experience in the field of youth development. Lance serves as executive director of Clemson University’s Youth Learning Institute, which serves over 25,000 youth annually in diverse programs ranging from innovative schools, group homes, camping programs, and academic field study experiences.

Transforming Stress for Teens: The HeartMath Solution for Staying Cool Under Pressure

(Instant Help Books, August 1, 2016, Paperback, 200 pages, ISBN: 978-1-62625-348-3)

New Harbinger

Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart

Science shows that the heart is an intelligence system, the topic of a new book,
Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart

March 17, 2016 – BOULDER CREEK, CALIFORNIA –Recent discoveries show that the heart possesses its own intrinsic nervous system, referred to as the “heart brain.” This intelligence system has the ability to independently sense and process information. The HeartMath Institute demonstrated that one’s intuitive capabilities are closely tied to the heart-brain and the heart’s rhythms. In the new book, Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart, these new discoveries about the heart’s intelligence are clearly laid out. The book explains how a specific rhythmic pattern of the heart, referred to as “heart coherence”, can be intentionally created, thereby increasing one’s intuitive discernment and improving decision-making skills.

The book has four authors: Doc Childre, founder of HeartMath, and HeartMath executives Deborah Rozman, Howard Martin, and Rollin McCraty. Their vision is to help create a heart-connected world through a deeper understanding of the intuitive intelligence within our heart. This combined with a growing global awareness that our heart’s intelligence is essential if we are to co-create a better world and future, sets the stage for the new release, Heart Intelligence.

Updated scientific findings are presented in the first six chapters, and the last five chapters provide practical tools that readers can use to activate the intuitive connection between the heart and mind. Many know the struggle of quieting the mind to find that elusive stillness, hoping to connect with their intuition. Heart Intelligence de-mystifies this practice and grounds it in a user-friendly understanding, and provides methods for easier access to inner stillness.

The benefits the book provides also include: how to connect with the intuitive heart for moment-to-moment guidance in simple or hard to make choices; techniques for easing the challenge of replacing patterns that drain one’s life force such as fear, stress and overwhelm; and practices that help the reader to exercise a deep compassion without the emotional fatigue. The authors explain how changing the heart’s rhythm to the coherence state helps sustain resilience and emotional balance.

The intuitive heart, as the authors refer to it, creates access to more effective choices personally and collectively. Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., co-author of Heart Intelligence and President of HeartMath Inc., sums it up nicely: “Our choices are constantly determining our peace, happiness and self-security — or the stress and decline of our well-being. Learning to utilize our heart’s intuitive intelligence is a natural gift we can refer to, no matter what religion, personal growth, or spiritual path we may practice.”

HeartMath® LLC Collaborates with The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

Partnership Will Deliver World-Class Certification Programs To Aspiring Coaches, Mentors, Consultants, And Industry Titans

BOULDER CREEK, CA (January 26, 2015) — HeartMath® LLC, a leading developer in heart intelligence, today announced its collaboration with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), a top-rated coach training school dedicated to driving human performance and potential. This partnership brings together two proven methodologies and organizations and their innovative tools, principles, and industry certifications to develop masterful coaches and leading industry experts.  

For over two decades, HeartMath has zeroed in on all aspects of heart rate variability (HRV) and heart coherence. Through its research-based technologies, HeartMath is committed to empowering people to bring out their best selves in their personal, social, and professional lives via its Coach/Mentor and Trainer Certification Programs. Through the concepts of stress resiliency, emotional self-regulation, and optimal performance training, HeartMath has set the stage for individuals to become an expert in the mind-body-emotion connection, while guiding their clients to sustainable new behaviors (i.e. better decision making and problem solving, increased creativity and wellbeing, and improved cognitive performance.)

“We’ve wanted to connect the right partner to provide coaching skills training for our people,” said Howard Martin, Executive Vice President of HeartMath LLC. “Our criterion was to find a partner that would complement our mission and values while providing additional coaching skills for those who are becoming certified in the HeartMath programs. We feel we’ve found this with iPEC. Both organizations are deeply committed to helping people and to creating a better world. iPEC is extremely good at what they do – their programs are second to none when it comes to the skills required to be, not just a good coach, but a great coach.”

iPEC’s robust Coach Training Program certifies coaches in up to eight different disciplines and is powered by COR.E Dynamics™, a proprietary methodology that focuses on and reveals who an individual is at his or her core, helping that individual create change from the “inside out.” Scrupulously accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and founded on more than 10,000 hours of research and application with roots in psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), quantum physics, metaphysics, adult and accelerated learning theories, emotional intelligence, and leadership development, the program addresses the very basis of change (clearing blocks, challenging thoughts and fears, and understanding the power of choice) helping individuals achieve extraordinary results in their lives, careers, and businesses. In addition, iPEC’s proven Business Development System teaches the intricacies of building a successful coaching practice covering outer strategies such as branding/marketing and message development, giving graduates the most comprehensive and well-rounded education in the industry.

“iPEC is excited to be working alongside the HeartMath team, especially when you look at the shared mission between us – helping people live with purpose, strength, and heart,” said Luke Iorio, President & CEO, iPEC Coaching. “We are amazed by the science and forethought that enables HeartMath’s tools and applications to navigate an individual toward their best self. Their program complements any coach and/or consultant who is looking to add to their skills set combining theoretical concepts with tangible results. It’s all in their name – HeartMath is a true innovator for the enrichment of humanity.”

Combining the respected track records – HeartMath’s life-changing Coach/Mentor and Trainer Certification Programs and iPEC’s unsurpassed coaching, wellbeing, and leadership development programs – paves the way for a complementary alliance, one dedicated to raising the consciousness of the world on a national and global scale.

The HeartMath team is committed to developing research-based, practical, and reliable tools and technologies that empower people to improve their experience of life and bring their best selves to their personal, social, and professional lives. A world leader in heart rate variability (HRV) and heart coherence, HeartMath and its sister company, the Institute of HeartMath, a nonprofit research organization, have spent over two decades researching and educating health professionals and consumers about HRV feedback and heart coherence training and its vital role in stress management, emotional self-regulation and optimal performance training, as well as increasing vitality and resilience. The HeartMath organizations have demonstrated through clinical studies the critical link between emotions, heart function, and cognitive performance. This work has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals such as The American Journal of Cardiology, Stress Medicine, Global Advances in Health and Medicine, Preventive Cardiology and Biological Psychology. 

Their organizational clients include Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, U.C.L.A. Medical Center, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Stanford University, Stanford University Medical Center, Fairfield Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, Intel, Lockheed, US Forest Service, US Military, VA Medical Centers, Alberta Health Services and more than twenty thousand health professionals.

The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) offers the most comprehensive and experiential
coach training program in the world. An ICF-accredited program, iPEC is the originator of COR.E Dynamics™ – coaches who are experts in helping clients break through limiting thoughts and emotional responses moving their clients to take powerful and consistent action. iPEC has graduated Certified Professional Coaches in the specialties of life, professionals, transition, health and wellness, relationship, small business, corporate, and executive coaching and operates in 17 major cities across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

In addition, iPEC offers the highly successful and powerful Coach Centric Leadership™ Engagement Program to corporations, organizations, governments, law enforcement agencies, and non-profit organizations around the world. iPEC is recognized by Leadership Excellence Magazine as one of the Top Leadership Development Programs, for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. For more information, please visit www.iPECcoaching.com.

Media Contacts

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Gabriella “Gaby” Boehmer
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iPEC Logo
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HeartMath® Inc.’s HRV Platform Solutions Available for Licensing

Leader in HRV data and research grows its footprint among chipset and consumer electronics manufacturers

Boulder Creek, California – December 16, 2014HeartMath® Inc., recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on stress, heart rate variability (HRV), heart coherence and the physiology of emotions, is now licensing its extensive HRV databases and algorithms to chipset manufacturers and consumer electronics companies. The licensing opportunities will enable HeartMath’s partners to offer its HRV solutions, tap into its HRV sensor knowledge, extensive research, as well as its normative HRV databases and algorithms for developing consumer products.

HRV is a powerful biometric that reflects the health of the autonomic nervous system and an individual’s mental and emotional flexibility and ability to handle stress challenges without getting overwhelmed. Accumulated stress can lower HRV and reflects accelerated aging.

Partner manufacturers can now integrate HeartMath’s library of current stress and chronic stress algorithms and solutions into their own chips, which are then used by consumer electronics manufacturers for licensing the functionality from HeartMath. The company’s platform technology can be used for a wide range of applications including the reduction of anxiety and stress, as well reaching optimal performance, and mental and emotional composure in high stress environments.

Major brands including Samsung, Qualcomm and Red Bull Media are already working with HeartMath, due to its expertise and depth of data for HRV assessments, monitoring and stress reduction training. Samsung is licensing HeartMath’s proprietary HRV database for its integrated mobile health S-health platform, which will provide users with the ability to assess stress levels, plan workouts and help with healthy eating choices. 

As a world leader in HRV, HeartMath Inc. and its sister research organization, the Institute of HeartMath, have spent over two decades researching and educating health professionals and consumers about HRV feedback and its vital role in stress management, emotional self-regulation and optimal performance training, as well as increasing vitality and resilience.  

HeartMath clinical studies have demonstrated the critical link between stressful emotions, heart function, and cognitive performance. This work has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that include the American Journal of Cardiology, Preventive Cardiology and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology among many others. HeartMath is also well-versed in the consumer products space. The company’s latest consumer product, Inner Balance trainer, is designed to reduce the negative effects of stress and increase personal performance and mental clarity. The app and HRV sensor train users to synchronize their breathing with their heart rhythms. This combined with a highly specialized emotion regulation technique trains users how to increase their HRV and access a high performance state called heart coherence. 58 percent of HeartMath technology users indicate utilizing the technology three to five times a week, even after owning the product for two years or more.

“By deploying our platform solutions to a multitude of licensing partners, HeartMath is able to take its normative databases, algorithms and technologies for helping individuals manage their health and wellness to the next level,” said President and CEO of HeartMath, Dr. Deborah Rozman. “Our extensive research into the powerful HRV biometric can play a vital role in helping consumers manage their health, and we are excited to see major brands recognizing the value of HRV in our everyday lives.”


For more information about HeartMath please visit www.heartmath.com.

Media Contacts

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BLASTmedia for HeartMath
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HeartMath is the first recipient of the American Institute of Stress (AIS) Award for Distinction and Innovation. This award is granted to products and services that have been formally evaluated and validated as effective by AIS.

The HeartMath® Organizations are announcing their new certification programs

The HeartMath® Organizations are announcing their new certification programs for personal and professional coaches, human resource trainers, counselors, social workers and healthcare professionals

Boulder Creek, California, August 19,2014 — HeartMath®, Inc., and and its sister nonprofit organization, the Institute of HeartMath, are pleased to announce their new certification programs for trainers, coaches, mentors, counselors, social workers and health care professionals. These certification programs will make their exceptional life-enhancing techniques and technologies even more accessible to millions of people that are looking for validated solutions that can increase their well-being, their personal and professional performance and the quality of their life experience.

As we witness our world rapidly changing, with those changes come more stress, uncertainty and instability. Because of this people sense that a deeper connection within is vital to maintain a sense of balance and clarity. It is fitting that the HeartMath Companies are expanding their certification programs which will allow their work to touch the heart of humanity even further.

Vice President of HeartMath Inc., Howard Martin says, “More than ever there is a need to draw on our intuitive guidance to navigate through the changes that are happening all around us. Our trainers, coaches and mentors feel a calling to help others and they feel connected with the HeartMath mission of facilitating humanity in creating deeper heart-based connections – whether that connection is within, with others or connecting with our individual purpose or personal goals.”

HeartMath certified trainers, coaches and mentors are making a difference for people by offering life-enriching methods that are science-based and have proven to help people reduce stress, increase resilience, vitality and overall well-being.

HeartMath Inc., certification programs focus on corporations, healthcare professionals, health care institutions, leadership, human resources and staff development trainers, wellness, lifestyle, and sports coaches and personal and professional mentors. The nonprofit Institute of HeartMath certification programs specialize in certifying the staff of educational, government, military, law enforcement and other community or social service organizations.

The certification programs vary in their delivery format – some programs combine both tele-mentoring sessions and in-person immersive training; while other programs can include home study, interactive on-line live webinars, and video-based presentations with on-going technical and clinical support.

The HeartMath® Certified Trainer Program introduces trainers toThe Resilience Advantage™ Program whichis designed to allow trainers to deliver tools for increasing personal and professional effectiveness. The program is an engaging, activity-based, resilience and wellness workshop for organizational staff or individuals wanting to improve health, well-being, communications and decision making skills while increasing productivity.

The HeartMath® Coach/Mentor Certification Program allows personal and professional coaches and mentors to teach the HeartMath tools in a one-on-one setting. The in-depth certification program provides coaches and mentors with a toolbox of research-based techniques for educating others in core skills that can increase wellness as well as build and sustain resilience and boost performance.

The HeartMath® Interventions Program is uniquely designed for doctors, nurses, psychologists, licensed therapists, counselors, social workers and health care professionals who want to add HeartMath tools and technologies into their therapeutic and wellness work with clients or patients.

“This is an important tool group to bring to any audience in this day and age,” says Bonnie Peterson, a Portland based organizational consultant and certified HeartMath trainer. “These tools have been incredibly valuable for my clients. I have found that they are equally helpful for professional clients as much as in my personal mentoring. Whether the client need is to increase mental performance or they want a personal breakthrough – this tool group has been applicable for all my clients.”

Achieving HeartMath certification is a highly desirable option for training, coaching or mentoring professionals who want to upgrade their skill set and position themselves for client growth. Becoming certified proves to your clients and your employer and colleagues that you have a highly regarded expertise in HeartMath’s solutions for life and that you can provide one of the most progressive and valued training programs available.


HeartMath Incis a cutting-edge performance company that provides a range of unique services, products, and technology to improve health and well-being, while dramatically reducing stress and boosting performance and productivityTheir award-winning Inner BalanceTM and emWave®  technologies have more than 300,000 users. Most recently, HeartMath released their free HeartCloudTM platform where customers can synch session data in one location, earn practice rewards and more. HeartMath Inc. organizational clients include Duke Medicine, Stanford Business School, Stanford Hospital, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sutter Health, the Gottman Institute, Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, Kaiser Permanente, Cisco Systems, and Boeing.

The Institute of HeartMath,, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) research and education organization, the nonprofit has been researching emotional physiology, optimal function, resilience and stress-management for more than 20 years. This research has demonstrated through clinical studies the critical link between emotions, heart function, and cognitive performance. It has also significantly advanced understanding of heart-brain interactions, heart-rate variability (HRV) and heart-rhythm coherence, and the physiology of optimal learning and performance. The Institute’s research has been published in peer reviewed journals such as the American Journal of CardiologyStress MedicineGlobal Advances in Health and Medicine, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and Preventive Cardiology.

The two companies’ represent what is called The HeartMath System, a comprehensive ecosystem of compelling research and solutions for stress relief have been scientifically validated. Hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world are successfully using and enjoying these solutions for reducing stress and overwhelm, while increasing personal resilience and well-being.