Free Emotional Support Resources

Following the recent natural disasters, many people are feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted. This is an important time to provide people with simple tools that can help them manage the stress, anxiety and overwhelm they may be feeling.

HeartMath Inc. is offering free emotional support resources. Our hope is that it helps to ease some of the emotional pain as people work through this challenging time.

We invite you to rally with our compassionate community and forward this page link to family, friends, neighbors, church groups, co-workers, schools and volunteer organizations — and share it on your social media pages. You never know who it will help.

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Eliminating Anxiety

You can use the information in this e-booklet to help you lessen the feeling of anxiety.

Eliminating Anxiety

Transforming Stress

In this e-booklet, discover the key to transforming stress and developing a new level of emotional management.

Transforming Stress

The Inside Story

Originally written for teens, this engaging illustrated guide helps us understand and manage our emotions.

The Inside Story eBooklet


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Additional Resources

Video Guide: The Quick Coherence® technique:

Quick Coherence can be used to calm reactive emotions, reduce feelings of worry and fear, lessen feelings of overwhelm and stress and quiet an overactive mind. Follow along with behavioral psychologist, Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., as she walks you through the Quick Coherence® technique.

Resources for Children from the HeartMath® Institute:

The following links provide techniques for children of all ages developed by the HeartMath Institute. These techniques are designed to help children identify and talk about their emotions as well as helping them to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

 Shift and Shine technique for ages 3-6
 Heart Shift technique for ages 7-11
 Quick Coherence® technique for ages 12-18

Who is HeartMath?

With over 300 independent peer-reviewed studies, HeartMath Inc. and the not for profit HeartMath Institute are recognized worldwide for their research and scientifically validated methods for reducing stress, anxiety and overwhelm while helping to restore inner balance, self-security, resilience and a sense of well-being.


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