Free Emotional Support Resources

With many challenges impacting our emotional world, we all need more effective ways to be able to manage stress, anxiety and stay resilient. Below are several resources HeartMath is providing for free.

12 HeartMath Tools

Now is the time to bring more heart into the world with the 12 HeartMath Tools ebook. You will find it packed with simple heart solutions to help you release stress and anxiety and bring more ease, patience, and love into your life.

Transforming Stress Video Program

We are all feeling the impact of global stress. A new two-part video program can help you understand how stress affects you and what you can do to reduce it. Includes six simple strategies to help navigate life with less stress and more ease.

10 HeartMath Practices

As we practice heart qualities like love, care, compassion, kindness, and cooperation, we can become architects of a new sense of hope. With the 10 HeartMath Practices, you will learn how to live according to your deeper values and make higher quality choices.

Just five minutes a day practicing any of these tools can lift your spirit and bring more clarity on how to handle emotional challenges.  

Please share these with anyone you feel might benefit. 

With our deepest care,
Your friends at HeartMath

Additional Resources

Video Guide: The Quick Coherence® Technique:

Quick Coherence can be used to calm reactive emotions, reduce feelings of worry and fear, lessen feelings of overwhelm and stress, and quiet an overactive mind. Follow along with behavioral psychologist Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., as she walks you through the Quick Coherence Technique.

Resources for Children from the HeartMath® Institute:

The following links provide techniques for children of all ages developed by the HeartMath Institute. These techniques are designed to help children identify and talk about their emotions as well as help them reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

• Shift and Shine™ Technique for Ages 3-6
• HeartShift™ Tool for Ages 7-11
• Quick Coherence Technique for Ages 12-18

Who is HeartMath?

With over 400 independent peer-reviewed studies, HeartMath Inc. and the not-for-profit HeartMath Institute are recognized worldwide for their research and scientifically validated methods for reducing stress, anxiety and overwhelm while helping to restore inner balance, self-security, resilience and a sense of well-being.