Transforming Stress Video Program

In light of today’s stressful global events, we offer this free video program to help you understand how stress affects you and what you can do to reduce it. 

  • Simple strategies to stop the emotional drain of stress and replace it with increased balance and resilience.
  • Learn a game with 3 tools to help eliminate stress accumulation so you can navigate life with less stress and more ease.

A 25-minute Video with Two Parts:

  • Part One: 
    • What is stress and how does it affect me?
    • Two techniques to relieve stress: Appreciation and Attitude Breathing
  • Part Two:
    • A skill set for building and maintaining a healthier, more productive life
    • Learn a game with 3 tools: Prep, Reset and Spot Check

Ready to put this into action?  

The Inner Balance Coherence Plus includes a lifetime subscription to the HeartMath app, home of the video you just watched. See your heart rhythms achieve more balance and harmony in real-time, enjoy guided meditations, video courses, (including 5-days to Less Stress), and more. 

This is the best way to build new habits, reduce the effects of stress, and enjoy more days with calm, joy and inner security.

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