emWave2 Training Videos

As you learn the functionality of your emWave2, hand-held device, we also suggest you download/read through the emWave Practice Plan. This plan will give you information on using the emWave with the HeartMath Quick Coherence Technique® so you can quickly start enjoying the benefits of your emWave product.

Getting Started With Your emWave2

emWave2 determines the degree of coherence found in your heart rhythm patterns and displays changes in real-time on the Coherence Level Indicator.

emWave2 Setup Mode

In Setup Mode two sets of blue lights appear on the Heart Action Strip. The bars at the top of the Heart Action Strip indicate the Challenge Level. The bars at the bottom indicate the Display Brightness.

Adjusting the Lights on Your emWave2

The brightness of the lights is set to a default level of one, on a scale of one to four. A short press on the bottom of the Sensor Button will cycle you through the four levels of brightness.

Adjusting the Audio on Your emWave2

You can adjust the Volume Level or turn it off only when in an active session. Once you have entered an active session, each short press on the bottom of the Sensor Button cycles you through the three Volume Level settings and “sound off”.

emWave2 Reward Cycle

The Coherence Score is represented by the sounds of reward tones and a series of blue lights.

Turning Your emWave2 On and Off

To turn the power off, perform a medium press (two seconds) on the bottom of the Sensor Button. When you see the lights fade out, emWave2 is shutting off.