HeartMath® Coach/Mentor Curriculum

HeartMath® Coach/Mentor Curriculum

Program Content:

Week 1: Welcome and program overview, Introduction to keys of the broader understanding of resilience, Learn the first of six resilience-building techniques: Heart-Focused Breathing®

Week 2: The science of coherence and how it relates to resilience, Explore the Depletion to Renewal Grid™, Learn the Quick Coherence® Technique, Introduction to the emWave® and Inner Balance™ interactive technology

Week 3: Learn the Inner-Ease™ Technique, Apply three key strategies for building and sustaining resilience, Prepare for your volunteer coach/mentor practicum

Week 4: Understand the scientific background around intuition, Learn to discern heart intelligence vs mind chatter, Apply the Freeze Frame® technique in class and at home, Debrief your first coaching/mentoring practicum session

Week 5: Working with others: How to coach/ mentor others in the techniques; Q&A session

Week 6: Learn about the energetics of communication, Understand how drama affects our communication with others, Learn the Coherent Communication™ Technique, Debrief your coach/mentor practicum sessions

Week 7: Working with others: How to coach/ mentor others in the techniques; Q&A session

Week 8: Understand the importance of establishing a new baseline for lasting change, Learn the Heart Lock-In® technique to build and sustain your coherence, Bring together all you’ve learned to establish a new baseline of resilience, Leave with additional coach/mentor protocols for the workplace, classroom, small groups, and couples.

Each class consists of two hours of core topics including Q&A. You’ll be able to connect with your class participants in a safe environment, both during and after the program.