HeartMath Advisory Boards

HeartMath LLC works with many top leading authorities in their respective fields and has formed a number of advisory boards to consult with on key initiatives.

Advisory Boards

HeartMath LLC works with many top leading authorities in their respective fields and has formed a number of advisory boards to consult with on key initiatives.

Health Advisory Board

Dennis Cryer, M.D. FAHA is former VP External Medical Affairs for Bristol-Myers Squibb, where he devoted his full efforts to external development programs across the cardiovascular and metabolic disease spectrum, as well a liaison for advocacy with other key therapeutic areas. Prior to that he oversaw their Women’s Health Care area. Dr. Cryer is Chair, Corporate Affairs Committee for the American Society for Hypertension, a Fellow of the Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology Council of the American Heart Association, serves on the Board of Trustees of the American Academy of Family Practice Foundation and is a member of numerous scientific organizations, including the American Diabetes Association, the American Federation for Medical Research and the Society for Women’s Health Research. He received his medical education at Johns Hopkins University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He is currently medical director for CryerHealth, a health care consultancy based in Washington, DC.

Mimi Guarneri, MD, FACC – Integrative MedicineDr. Guarneri is co-founder and director of the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine in La Jolla, CA. A noted cardiologist and author of the best-selling “The Heart Speaks”, Dr. Guarneri has become one of the leading practitioners in the world in the emerging field of integrative medicine. Trained as an interventional cardiologist at New York Cornell Medical School, Dr. Guarneri continues to practice cardiology at Scripps, while becoming a passionate advocate for healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress reduction and spiritual well-being. She is overseeing implementation of HeartMath programs throughout the Scripps system.

Jennie Chin Hansen is President-elect of the Board of AARP, the world’s largest membership organization serving the needs of adults 50 and older.. Jennie is a national leader in health care, having been executive director of On Lok for more than twenty years. On Lok established an international reputation as one of the most innovative senior care programs in the world, serving the elder Chinese community in San Francisco. She takes over the reins as president of AARP in May 2008 and currently is head of the Board of Directors. She is the first “boomer” generation individual to be named President of the Board of AARP.

Paul Rosch, M.D. Paul is President of the American Institute of Stress and one of the world’s leading authorities and media spokespersons on stress. Paul is also clinical professor of medicine and psychiatry at New York Medical College, honorary vice president of the International Stress Management Association, and author of The Doctors Guide To Instant Stress Relief,DeStress – Weigh Less and Bioelectromagnetic Medicine. Paul wrote the foreword to Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman’s book Transforming Stress (New Harbinger Publications, March 2005). Quantum Intech’s emWave technology received the American Institute of Stress first Seal of Approval and Award for Distinction and Innovation.

Harry Soza is one of the industry pioneers in creating information technology for healthcare applications. He co-founded Resolution Health, Inc. in 1996 and was a member of the senior management team. Beginning in early 2002, he led the development and implementation of the Direct-to-Member™ services. Prior to RHI, he was the founder and President of Preferred Solutions, Inc., one of the first on-line pharmacy benefit management companies. In this role, he participated in numerous industry initiatives, such as HCFA’s 1989 Medicare Rx Task Force, which helped create the foundation for today’s emerging Internet-enabled healthcare applications. Preferred Solutions was acquired by PacifiCare Health Plans in 1995, and continues operations today under the name of Prescription Solutions. Currently Harry is co-founder of Vrylmkt, a viral marketing firm capitalizing on the spread of social networking to facilitate commercial relationships. Harry assists QI and HeartMath in health care and social networking strategies.

Bruce Wilson, M.D. HeartMath Medical Director. Bruce is a cardiologist who uses the emWave and HeartMath methods in his practice at North Shore Cardiology in Milwaukee WI. He is a licensed HeartMath trainer and a leading spokesman for HeartMath and emWave. He trains healthcare leaders, hospital staff, and cardiac patients in HeartMath and appeared on a PBS special on HeartMath. He is founder and Chairman of the Board of Heart Hospital of Milwaukee. Formerly, he was Director of University of Pittsburgh Heart Institute, Assistant Professor of Cardiology at University of Minnesota Hospital and awarded Teacher of the Year by the Minnesota Medical Foundation. Dr. Bruce Wilson is HeartMath’s medical director and an investor in QI.

HeartMath Institute Scientific Advisory Board

Maria Lourdes Arguelles, Ph.D., M.S., B.A., Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee, Professor of Education and Cultural Studies, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, C.A.

J. Andrew Armour, M.D., Ph.D., Researcher and specialist in Neurocardiology; Editor, Neurocardiology, Centré de Recherché, Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur, University of Montreal, Canada.

Cleve Backster, Ph.D. (Hon.), D.Sc. (Hon.), Polygraph specialist and researcher in primary perception; President, Director and Chief Instructor, The Backster School of Lie Detection; Director, Backster Research Foundation, San Diego, CA.

Bob Barrios-Choplin, Ph.D., Organizational psychologist; Director, U.S. Naval Postgraduate School – San Diego, CA.

Raymond Trevor Bradley, Ph.D., Adjunct Associate Research Professor, Center for Brain Research and Informational Sciences, Radford University; Director, Institute for Whole Social Science; Author – Charisma and Social Structure, Carmel, CA.

Linda Caviness, Ph.D., Professor, La Sierra University, School of Education, Glendale, C.A.

Professor L. Murray Gillin, A.M., F.T.S.E., Professor Emeritus, Swinburne University of Technology, Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship, Victoria, A.U.

William C. Gough, Ph.D., Physicist; Chairman of the Board, Foundation for Mind-Being Research, Los Altos, CA.

Stephen Greer, D.O., Cardiovascular surgeon, Dayton, OH.

David Joffe, Biomedical engineer and mathematician, Boulder, CO.

James R. Johnston, Ph.D., Physicist; Senior Scientist, ORION Research, Berkeley, CA.

Joe Kamiya, Ph.D., Originator of biofeedback technology; Former Professor of Medical Psychology, Research Psychologist, University of California, San Francisco, CA.

Lee Lipsenthal, M.D., Vice President and Medical Director, Lifestyle Advantage, Sausalito, CA; Medical Advisor, HeartMath LLC; Originator, “Physician, Heal Thyself” Program, San Anselmo, CA.

Joe F. McCaffrey, M.D., Vascular Surgeon, Auburn Memorial Hospital, Auburn, N.Y.

Mona Oyos, B.S., C.V.T., N.B.C.P.T., R.D.C.S., Cardiovascular specialist, ultrasonagrapher, San Jose, CA.

Joseph Chilton Pearce, Specialist in early child development; Author – The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Magical Child, Evolution’s End and The Biology of Transcendence, Faber, VA.

Karl H. Pribram, M.D., Ph.D. (Hon.), Neurosurgeon; Neuroscientist; Professor Emeritus, Stanford University; Distinguished Research Professor, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

T. Gregory Quinn, M.D., Cardiologist; Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation, San Ramon Regional Medical Center, Oakland, CA.

Richard Rahe, M.D., Stress researcher; Specialist in the psychometric assessment of life stress and its relationship to health; Coauthor – The Holmes-Rahe Social Readjustment Rating Scale; Director, Health Assessments Programs, Inc., Reno, NV.

Elizabeth A. Rauscher, M.S., Ph.D., Researcher, director Tecnic Research Laboratory, Apache Junction, Ariz. – electromagnetic phenomena, biomedical and bioengineering research; senior scientist Global Coherence Monitoring Project; formerly at NASA space
shuttle, Lawrence Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore national laboratories; former United Nations delegate long-term energy sources; author six books, extensive journal publication.

Paul J. Rosch, M.D., F.A.C.P., President of the American Institute of Stress; Honorary Vice President of the International Stress Management Association; Clinical Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY.

Donald H. Singer, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.C., F.C.C.P., Cardiologist; Specialist in heart rate variability; Clinical Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine; Former Director of the Reingold ECG Center and Professsor of Medicine and Pharmacology, Northwestern University School of Medicine, Chicago, IL.

Keith A. Wesnes, B.Sc., Ph.D., F.S.S. C.Psychol, F.B.Ps.S., Chief Executive, Cognitive Drug Research Ltd, Berkshire, U.K.; Visiting Professor, Human Cognitive Neuroscience Unit, Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK.

Bruce C. Wilson, M.D., F.A.C.C., Cardiologist; Former Director, University of Pittsburgh Heart Institute; Former Chief of Cardiology and Chairman of Medical Education, Columbia Hospital, Milwaukee; Chairman of the Board, Heart Hospital, Milwaukee, WI.

Tony Yardley-Jones, M.D. Ph.D., F.F.O.M., F.R.C.S.E., Specialist in occupational medicine and toxicology; Medical Director, Hunter Kane (UK); Occupational physician, London Bridge Hospital; Consultant in occupational medicine, Chelsea and Westminster
Hospital, London; Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, Institute of Occupational Health, Birmingham University; Editorial Representative and former President, Section of Occupational Medicine, Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK.

Business Advisory Board

Dave Asprey is a Silicon Valley entreprenuer computer security expert, and leader in the Quantified Self movement. He was co-founder and CTO of Basis, and a strategic consultant to Kleiner-backed Corventis. Dave was an innovator in cloud computing technologies that enabled centralized analysis of consumer bio data. The Financial Times calls him a “bio-hacker who takes self-quantification to the extreme of self-experimentation.” His writing has been published by the New York Times and Fortune. Dave has presented at Wharton, Kellogg, the University of California, and Singularity University. 

Dick Bernacchi, partner in Irell & Manella law firm specializing in computer, ecommerce and entertainment law is facilitating Quantum Intech’s (QI’s) investment, patent, licensing and IP strategy. I & M does QI’s legal work and investment filings. Irell & Manella owns an equity interest in QI.

Robert Brasch, President & CEO, Pacific Partners, Inc. identifies and develops new business opportunities for Asian companies in the U.S. and vice versa. In 1983, he became founding president and CEO of the World Trade Bank. He was instrumental in organizing am/pm Japan, Co. Ltd., a Japanese convenience store chain with annual sales in excess of $2 billion. Bob serves as QI’s advisor on banking and also assists in negotiations with Asian companies.

Fred Fuchs, formerly President of American Zoetrope (Francis Ford Coppola’s Production Co.). Fred is assisting in QI’s interactive media Web Portal plan and is helping establish relationships in the gaming and entertainment industry.

Mary Furlong Founded SeniorNet and Third Age and her list of clients includes IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Merrill Lynch, Pfizer, Microsoft, and AARP. Mary is the author of Turning Silver into Gold: How to Profit in the New Boomer Marketplace and sponsors the annual “What’s Next Boomer Business Summit” to help socially-and consumer-conscious companies understand the real needs of this growing market. Mary assists QI in business development and partnerships for the baby boomer marketplace.

Jim Huffman was director of Motorola’s Emerging Technologies Center and works with QI on product development, manufacturing and web strategy.

Charlie Inlander is President of People’s Medical Society, historically the most influential consumer health advocacy organization in the United States. He is on the advisory boards of the Citizen Advocacy Center, the Primary Care Management Association, and the American Academy of Family Physicians, and is the author of numerous books. Charlie is a consultant to HeartMath on healthcare licensing and marketing.

David Joffe is Vice President of Research & Development, Chief Technical Officer and founder of Lexicor Medical Technology, a leading manufacturer of EEGbrain mapping technology for the behavioral medicine market. Dave was involved in HeartMath Institute research and some of the signal processing algorithms used inour HRV feedback technology. Dave advises QI on technology development and patents.

Andre Lake Mayer is VP of Business Development for Playmate Toys. She was formerly Director of Licensing for Lucas Arts and Entertainment, responsible for Star Wars licensing and prior to that position was Director of Licensing for Paramount, responsible for all Star Trek licensing. Andre is a consultant to QI’s game, entertainment and educational toys strategy.

Bob Megantz has more than twenty years experience in technology development and licensing, primarily in the electronics, telecommunications, and computing industries, working with established and start-up companies. Bob was General Manager at Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation, where he directed more than 125 licensees in the consumer and professional audio markets. Bob is a consultant to QI on technology and HeartMath brand development, licensing strategy and licensing negotiations.

Neema Moraveji directs the Calming Technology Lab at Stanford University, as a Ph.D. candidate. His research concerns interactive systems that augment respiratory self-regulation.  He has developed the ‘peripheral paced respiration’ and ‘breathcasting’ methods of influencing respiratory behavior while users are engaged in other tasks. With BJ Fogg, who directs the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford, Neema recently taught “Behavior design: Using technology to create calming habits” course in the Stanford Computer Science department. Prior to Stanford, Neema was a researcher with Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing, where he invented Microsoft Mouse Mischief and has a number of other patents and publications.  He received his B.S. in Computer Science from University of Maryland at College Park and his Masters from the HCII at Carnegie Mellon University (www.moraveji.org  and www.calmingtechnology.org ).

Chris Sawicki, President of Hunter Kane Ltd., a UK company. Hunter Kane is a licensee of HeartMath LLC In the UK. Hunter Kane’s HeartMath clients include Shell, BP, Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, IMG and other global companies. Hunter Kane has an equity interest in QI.

Larry Udell is President of the Licensing Executive Society, Silicon Valley Chapter, Executive Director of the California Invention Center, of the Center for New Venture Alliance (part of Cal-State University) and of Intellectual Property International, Ltd. Mr. Udell consults with QI in intellectual property and patent strategy, and licensing.

Jason Yotopoulos is SVP and Head of the Global Business Incubator at SAP. A member of SAP’s Senior Leadership Team, he was previously VP, Corporate Strategy Group in the Office of the CEO at SAP where he helped drive corporate strategy management, covering key areas of SAP strategy formulation and execution, strategic performance management, and M&A strategy. Jason served as a partner with Technology Partners investing in enterprise and internet infrastructure investments until mid-2004 when he joined SAP. He began his career in venture capital in 1993 with Patricof & Co. Ventures, now Apax Partners. Jason has served as Product Manager for InfoSeek Corporation in its early stages and held positions in Corporate Planning at Raychem Corporation and in Business Development at Sun Microsystems. He was previously a management consultant with Gemini Consulting where he managed strategy projects for technology companies. Jason holds a B.S. in Engineering from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Mr. Minhaj Ali Khan is Chairman and Founder of the Midlink Group of Companies with interests in the USA, Pakistan and the UAE.  The Group has diverse business interests which include: Alternative Fuels, Power Generation and Textiles. He is a share holder in the HeartMath group of companies through its parent company Quantum Intech.  He is also a licensed HeartMath 1:1 Provider.