Learn Self-Regulation Skills for Anxiety & Stress: Tim Culbert, MD

Dr. Culbert co-created, with an interdisciplinary team, one of the first full service integrative pediatrics programs at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota where he served as Medical Director from 2001-2010.

He wrote a series of four books for children on holistic self-care titled, Be the Boss of Your Body.

Dr. Culbert also developed innovative training in integrative therapeutics for nurses working in pediatric medical and mental health settings.

He is an instructor for the HeartMath Interventions Training Program for Health Professionals.

In his presentation he will discuss:

• His approach to reducing anxiety and stress in adults, children, teens, and families

• How to use a HeartMath technique and the Heart Rate Variability technology with a patient for anxiety

• Case studies and results

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Health Professional Education Series: Tim Culbert

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