“How to Use HeartMath In Your Practice for Healing and High Performance” with Tim Wiles, Professional Counselor

Tim Wiles Image
In this webinar Tim will present how he introduces and uses the HeartMath techniques, technologies and HRV analysis with his clients who include individuals, soldiers and their families, executives and elite athletes and teams. For over twenty years Tim has fostered healing through clinical applications for overcoming trauma, stress, anxiety, addictions, pain and lifestyle diseases. Tim’s clients also include NASCAR drivers, a college national championship team, USA women’s national team, MLB players and others seeking to improve their performance, overall health and well-being. Tim is the founder of Renovo Advantage Performance Systems – a full service counseling, coaching and training organization. Learn how Tim uses the HeartMath tools and techniques and the emWave Pro Plus Heart Rate Variability analysis to help people heal as well as to measure and improve performance. You will learn:
  • How to introduce and use HRV analysis with clients
  • How to combine HRV monitoring with HeartMath’s emotion-refocusing techniques
  • Strategies and protocols for healing
  • Strategies and protocols for performance optimization
  • Case studies and results

How to Use HeartMath In Your Practice for Healing and High Performance

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