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HeartMath® Institute Launches New Interactive e-Learning Program

The Sunshine Secret teaches children to recognize, express and self-regulate emotions and behavior

Boulder Creek, Calif., October 24, 2016 – Teaching kids about their emotions and managing their behavior provides an enormous advantage in navigating today’s unique challenges, according to the HeartMath® Institute (HMI), developers of a new e-Learning program, the Sunshine Secret. “Learning about your emotions, and how they can help you can be easy, fun and effective for children, teachers and parents,” said Jeff Goelitz, an HMI education specialist and one of the program’s chief developers

Officials at HeartMath, known for their published research and success in classroom programs that teach emotional skills, launched the program this month, are saying that the planning, development and testing of Sunshine Secret, for ages 3-7, resulted in a highly interactive learning experience that kids’ loved participating in.
The Sunshine Secret engages the whole child by involving their intellect, their creative abilities and by having children use their eyes, ears, hands and voice and what HeartMath calls qualities of the heart such as appreciation, kindness and care.
“Schools have been asking us to put our social-emotional tools into an e-learning format for years, and we are excited to be launching HeartMath’s first e-learning product,” said Goelitz. “We solicited and received lots of help from of parents and educators to make this very user friendly. These days children and parents want a lot freedom to choose what best suits their needs and interests, and I think that’s the program’s strength.”
Sunshine Secret uses current computer and tablet technology to engage boys and girls on multiple levels as they learn how to recognize, self-regulate and control their emotions.


Click to watch a brief overview of the Sunshine Secret.

Sunshine Secret


The program’s variety of interactive activities are aimed at gently challenging young children while teaching them important social-emotional skills that research shows will aid them during their school years and into adulthood.

Sunshine Secret is an animated story set in a forest about the adventures of Gloria the glowworm and Leon the Chameleon. The pair long to learn the secret of glowing green and eventually discover that the secret lies in the ability to change their emotions. HeartMath calls this emotional self-regulation, a process researchers and psychologists say can renew and improve emotional outlook and behavior in addition to providing physical and mental benefits.

Within each story chapter, children complete support activities designed to achieve positive emotional outcomes. These include putting together virtual puzzles, coloring exercises with story characters and learning emotion vocabulary words.

HeartMath, widely known for the tools and techniques they have developed for lowering stress and managing emotions, included a children’s tool in Sunshine Secret called Heart Shine.
“This is a simple tool for teaching kids how they can replace negative emotions like anger and hurt with understanding, compassion and hope,” HMI President Sara Childre. “What it teaches them is how to activate, or think about the natural and uplifting qualities of the heart. It’s a wonderful way for them to get through any challenge.”

Other interactive activities in the program include:
•  Identifying and matching emotion faces.
•  Appreciation Board for promoting positive attitudes and feelings.
•  Sing-along songs to reinforce key program concepts and skills.
•  Animated videos with age-appropriate science content, including a frog’s life cycle, the sun and more.

Sunshine Secret has on-screen visual and audio instructions, separate Parent Guide and Educator guides and a number of other support resources. Children receive a certificate of completion after finishing the program.


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