A Message from the HeartMath Team:

HeartMath LLC and HeartMath Institute staff are now returning after having been evacuated from our office buildings and homes since Tuesday, August 18th due to wildfires. The good news is that all our people and buildings are safe, thanks to the heroic efforts of the firefighters. 

We so appreciate the continued outpouring of heart being sent from so many of you — our customers, certified professionals and all those we work with. We have received comments from around the world filled with love and care. Thank you so much! 

We have all been using our HeartMath tools to navigate through the challenges with a sense of clarity, ease and emotional poise.  

Regular shipping will resume Thursday, September 17th.

Our hearts go out to our local community, and the larger community of residents who have lost their homes and are still experiencing the wildfires in their areas. We are also deeply grateful to the firefighters from all around California, other states, and even from around the world who worked day and night, at considerable risk, to quell the fires and protect people and property.  

It is with deep gratitude that we have launched a fundraiser to directly benefit the Boulder Creek Volunteer Firefighters. You can read about it and donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/BoulderCreek-firefighter-relief-fund.

With love and appreciation,

Deborah Rozman
President and CEO